Tips for Keeping Your Awning Looking Great

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Tips for Keeping Your Awning Looking Great

Most of us know the benefits of installing awnings on our business premises or at home, but many of us don’t fully understand how to take care and maintain them to a proper standard. They are a great investment if properly cared for, they don’t just increase the value of your property, they also reduce energy consumption and save you money. This article will discuss how to maintain your awnings, so they stay looking good.

Rinse Them with Water

Your awnings can get covered in dust and debris over a short period of time, that is why it is important to rinse them down with a hose from time to time to clear dirt and other materials from the awning. If your home or commercial space has a fabric or metal awning, they should be rinsed off at least twice a year depending on their condition.

If you are surrounded by a lot of greenery or you live in a dusty part of town, you must attend to your awnings to ensure they are kept in excellent condition. You don’t need to purchase any fancy cleaning solutions or equipment, a simple hose will do the job perfectly.

Lukewarm Soap & Water

If you’ve just finished hosing down your awnings and you find that water alone is not enough to tackle some of the dirt, fill a lukewarm bucket full of water with normal cleaning solution and scrub the awning with a brush. If you are dealing with a fabric awning, you must be careful when scrubbing as to not damage the material. If your awning is made from metal, you can be a lot more vigorous when scrubbing off stains.

Tips for keeping your awning looking great - folding arm awning

It is better to use a soft bristled brush when cleaning awnings which are manufactured from fabric, you can use a tougher bristled brush on metal awnings.

Regular Inspections

If you have folding arm awnings you should always take some time to inspect them on a regular basis. The best time to do this is during the summer months and after strong storms. If you notice any issues when retracting your awnings, you should thoroughly check the unit to see if you can identify any problems. If you can’t seem to find the issue, call a professional.

Check the Gears and Other Components

It is important to listen to your awnings when you open and close them. If you hear any unusual noises coming from the unit, there may be a problem with the mechanics. Professionally installed awnings should extend and retract smoothly without any excess noise or difficulties. In addition, you should check other components to ensure there isn’t any deterioration or visible damage present.

If you wish to keep your awnings in outstanding working condition while holding on to their visual appeal, you must keep them clean and properly maintained. They are a great investment for any home or business, so it is important to care for them and attend to their needs when you notice any issues.

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