Tips In Hiring a Nashville Water Damage Restoration Company

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Several reasons could be responsible for the water damage in a home. It could be a result of a plumbing issue, natural disasters, or fire abatement. Whatever might be the cause, the damage could end being serious if the leaking or flooding is not quickly dealt with. Water can damage the structural integrity of your building, or damage the plumbing and electrical systems, and it can even lead to mold growth if left unchecked. Go to First Southern Restoration to learn more about the damages water can cause in your home.

Tips In Hiring a Nashville Water Damage Restoration Company

Hence, it is important to hire a water damage restoration company that will deal with the problem as soon as it is discovered. Hence, in this article, we will show you how to recognize and hire a reputable restoration company in Nashville or anywhere in the world.

What a Water Damage Restoration Company Does

These companies deal with the resultant effect of water damages such as leaks and floods. Hence, they help in cleaning up your home, carrying out damage inspection, and repairing the damages that were discovered.

While each emergency is unique, the following are the things to expect when you hire these professionals:

  • Cleanup of flood which includes water extraction. This action could help in the reduction of the damage to your home and property as thousands of gallons of aqua can be extracted from your home.
  • Detection of mold, remediation as well as removal. Hence, the safety and health issues that are associated are curbed.
  • Cleanup of sewage which includes antimicrobial treatments as well as other types of treatments.
  • Removing contaminated furniture.
  • Removal or drying of wood floor or carpet; dependent on how severe the damage is.
  • Drying of document and content which can help preserve important document and photographs.
  • Execution and overseeing repairs which include drywalling, electrical wiring, and roofing.

Tips In Hiring a Nashville Water Damage Restoration Company - water damage

Water Damage Categories

Before you call the services of restoration professionals, it is important to know the different categories of damages caused by water. This knowledge will allow you to determine to an extent what services the company will provide when they arrive.

Clean – Category 1

This is the lowest damage category, and it includes overflowing sinks, broken pipes, supply lines, and appliance issues.

Gray – Category 2

This category deals with water that spills from washing machines, toilets, and sump pump backups that could cause harm to either humans or pets. The restoration process for this kind of damaged involves disinfecting treatments.

Black – Category 3

Category 3 is the most devastating damage type, and it could cause serious health issues. It includes river or seawater, sewage, or rising floodwaters. Visit to find out Nashville’s flood risk statistics. The cleanup process requires that home items are removed, and that serious disinfecting is carried out to make the home safe.

Tips In Hiring a Nashville Water Damage Restoration Company - water

Things You Should Look for When Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company

When considering a potential company you want to hire, you should look out for the following things:

1. Qualifications and Credentials

You should not hire just any professional you come across. You need to ensure that they have the right and necessary qualifications and credentials. Below are some of these credentials that a good restoration company must have:

i. IICRC Certification

This indicates that the holder is familiar with the terminologies, concepts, and procedures that are used in this industry.

ii. EPA Lead-Safe Certification

This ensures that the renovators used by the company are approved by the EPA and such renovators will comply with the laid down lead-safe practices while they work on structures where a disturbance of lead-based paint has occurred.

iii. Bonding

This deals with financial coverage in case of further property damage as a result of the actions of the company.

iv. CPL (Contractors Pollution Liability) Insurance

This provides insurance in case of bodily injury, property damage, etc. which occurs as a result of the actions of the contractor. Click here to read more about CLP insurance.

Tips In Hiring a Nashville Water Damage Restoration Company - pumping

2. Transparency

You should look for professionals that will be ready to answer the questions you ask them honestly and knowledgeably. Apart from answering questions, they should be able to show you their certifications, license, insurance, references, and any other relevant document when you ask them. If you come across a negative review about them, they should willingly answer your questions when you ask them about such a review.

3. Responsiveness

The professional you end up choosing should be able to respond swiftly to emergencies. Water damage needs to be dealt with as soon as they are detected to prevent further destruction. Hence, the company you hire should be one that will arrive on time when they are called.

4. Detailed Quote

The average cost for this kind of service is $3,000. Nevertheless, the cost could get as high as $10,000 which is determined by the nature of the task. Irrespective of the size of the task, it is important to get a detailed quote. Different activities that will be carried out during the restoration process. Some of these activities include roof repairs, plumbing repairs, replacement of drywall, replacement of flooring, replacement of doors, replacement of windows, etc.

When a job has so many phases, you should ask the company to give you a detailed quote for each item. Do not accept a vague quote by any means; if you do that, you could leave yourself exposed to further hidden charges. Therefore, to prevent such from happening, you should ask the company to present you with a detailed quote. If they fail to do that, then you should look for another firm. We recommend that you contact several contractors and ask them for their quotes. Having several quotes will give you the best chance at picking the best professional.


There are lots of restoration companies in Nashville, but not all of them are reliable. Therefore, how do you recognize which one is reliable? We believe the article above has answered that question extensively.

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