Tips You Should Know Before Hiring a Long Distance Moving Team

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Moving can be a difficult decision. There are lots of things to consider. Some important factors include the new area that you are moving to, the housing market and access to services.

People move to different cities and states for different reasons. Sometimes, they’ve landed the job opportunity of a lifetime. Other times, they decide to move to be closer to family members and friends. Some people move because they just need a chance at a fresh start in life.

Tips You Should Know Before Hiring a Long Distance Moving Team

While moving is never easy, it does not have to be stressful. You can do the job by yourself if you want, or you can ask a few neighbors and friends to pitch in. You can also hire a professional moving company to do the job for you. Most long distance moves usually cost about a thousand dollars on average, depending on the number of people required to do the job and how far you are moving away from your present location. Here are a few tips that you should know before hiring a long distance moving team:

Get references whenever possible

Besides getting recommendations from family and friends, you should also ask each prospective moving company that you are talking to for a list of references. Talk to a few of them to get their honest views about their moving experience with that particular company. If a company seems shady or makes promises that seem too good to be true, chances are that they usually are. This can be a tiring process, but necessary to find the best quality people for your move.

Get everything in writing

You should never sign a blank contract for any reason. Make sure that all fees are specifically listed in writing. Take enough time to thoroughly review the contract before signing it. This way, you can ask any questions or get clarifications on things that may not have been expressly stated over the phone or email. This can also be helpful in case you need to file a claim later on for any items that may have been broken or damaged in transit.

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Take a walk-through before you move

One important step is to take a good walk-through of your home before your move. This can help you determine which items to take with you and what you want to leave behind. You can leave old unwanted belongings in your residence, sell them or donate them to charity if you wish. This helps you make sure that you do not forget anything, and can help you think of things that you will need to buy when you move into your new home.

Research moving companies carefully

People want to hire a moving company that has a good reputation in the industry. They should have a complete business name and physical address. They should also have information about insurance that they carry and their licensing. You can do a little research at the Better Business Bureau’s website to find out about any possible consumer complaints. Beware of conducting business with a company that has had several name changes or operates under a “doing business as” name.

Don’t pay a lump sum in advance

Legitimate moving companies will never ask for a significant down payment up front. They will spell out everything clearly in the moving contract. If you pay up front, there are chances you will lose your belongings altogether. Make sure that you have everything securely moved to your new home before making any substantial payments.

These are just some helpful hints to make your moving experience less stressful. There are plenty of reputable movers that have been in business for many years and have a long history of satisfied customers. There are also plenty of fly-by-night companies to watch out for. Once you have settled on a good moving company, much of the stress of moving is over with. You can relax and carefully plan your move and start getting excited about building a life in your new home for you and the ones who matter most to you.

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