Simple Tips, Hacks, and Resources for Gardening

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Anyone visiting this website knows that there are plenty of helpful tips for handymen and women working around the home. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who want to know a few tricks for the garden too. Millions of experienced gardeners have invaluable knowledge on how to grow incredible crops, healthy fruit, and beautiful flowers. Sometimes though you just want some simple gardening tips that you can rely on.

Simple Tips, Hacks, and Resources for Gardening

Simple hacks and ideas to make gardening a little easier. 

Getting the most out of your garden

For some, a backyard is simply a place where they sit and relax. It can be a private area of solitude where a period of time can drift away in peace. For others, it is a place of activity with fruit, vegetables, trees, and other plants to be constantly monitored and tended to. Regardless of how you use your garden, some ideas can help anyone. Using some simple hacks can save money, and some tips and resources will improve areas of the backyard easily. Below you may find some tips and hacks that you have never seen, as well as a couple of reliable perennial thoughts. 

Use online resources

If you are reading this article then you are already well acquainted with online resources. Handyman Tips isn’t the only source of information on the net though. There are some fantastic gardening resources on the internet, and they can help newbies and more experienced gardeners with a variety of issues. Some offer reviews of garden tools, while others will help you grow the perfect vegetable garden. 

Avoid common pests with natural remedies

As time has moved on it has become clear that many products from the past contained very harmful chemicals. With more concern for the environment today it makes sense to look at natural remedies, especially in the garden. You can use herbs grouped together to create an effective repellent for mosquitoes. These pests can ruin a warm summer’s evening in a garden, but these herbs provide a fragrant and natural way to lessen this problem. Group in a flower pot, citronella, lemongrass, lemon thyme, marigold, and catnip to make a mossie repellent. Coffee grounds are useful against a number of pests including ants and snails, while eggshells also repel slugs.  

Don’t have a watering can?

Gardening can be more enjoyable when you know how to choose the best garden tools. However, sometimes you can use hacks to work around some areas. Plastic fruit juice or milk containers can be used as impromptu watering cans. Wash it out and prick holes in the lid. Fill with water, and hey presto, a homemade watering can. Choose one with a handle of course though. If you are looking to buy something a bit more professional then consider either a retractable hose or a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler. Retractable hoses are simply convenient and they reduce clutter by rewinding the hose in. Soaker hoses though are something else. These use 80% less water than sprinklers and are more effective at watering a garden. 

Simple Tips, Hacks, and Resources for Gardening - vinegar

Mobilize your plants

Are you fed up with certain plants dying in the winter? Do you like to switch your garden around often? There is an uncomplicated solution to these troubles. Bury a plant pot in the ground first. Then place your plant that is in a separate pot inside this one. This makes for easy relocation whether that is indoors in the winter, or to another part of the garden to achieve a new look.

More uses for vinegar

Vinegar is one of those things that gets called a natural miracle cure for everything. It can be used for cleaning, pickling, removing stains, and it can also be used in the garden. A solution using vinegar, salt, and lemon juice, makes an eco-friendly weed killer. Once sprayed on pesky weeds, they will die within a couple of days. 

Join a gardening club

If you want to learn lots of tips and give your enthusiasm for gardening a serious boost, then join a club. The Gardening Club of America may be the largest in the country but there are many smaller ones in local areas. 

Make edging easier

This simple tip can make the perfect edging for lawns. Simply place a small wooden board on the grass where you want to make your edge. Hold in place with your foot while driving a flat spade into the ground. By using the board you will make a perfect edge. 

Water and fertilize your garden in an eco-friendly manner

Wastewater is a huge problem today. Water is one of the most valuable commodities on the planet, and yet billions of gallons are thrown away each day. According to Wiser Watering, 4.5 billion gallons of water are wasted outdoors every day in the US. It should be noted that this is drinking water being wasted, not greywater or rainwater. One way to reduce this waste and fertilize plants at the same time is to use cooking water. When you cook your vegetables retain the water. Once it is cool you can use this to water your plants. The minerals and nutrients leached from the vegetables will make them good for fertilizing. 


These are just a few tips and hacks for the garden. By using online resources and gardening clubs you will be able to find many more. There is an abundance of avid gardeners out there who are only too happy to pass on their experience and knowledge. As your garden evolves, you will no doubt discover a few tricks of your own too.

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