Tiny-House Inspired Concrete Patio Ideas

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A small house is a cozy house. However, the tiny house would not take much space outdoors as well if you have small properties. There may not be enough space to add concrete patio designs to improve the exterior aesthetically. Or, it could be the other way around. Any way you design your tiny houses, there will be cozy ways for you to develop their exteriors, too. How it looks inside should also resonate with how the outside would appear.

Modern tiny house with patio

Do not limit your small spaces. If you think that there is not enough space to incorporate a San Jose concrete patio, a suburban garden, or backyard accents, think again. To help you get your imaginative mind out of the box, here is a list of ideas to inspire you to create a magnificent space for your small houses.

Patio Uncovered

First, and foremost have a basic definition of a patio. It is usually interchanged with the porch. For tiny spaces extending your home, a porch will usually appear. Today you can use the terms in the same sense. The patio is traditionally an outdoor space beside or near a house. Normally this area is where you welcome guests and have a relaxed outdoor living space. It is designed with an arc and usually has an aluminum patio roof. It is a little elevated from the soil, and concrete steps accents the way towards it.

1- Cozy Patios with Chic Colors

To create a comfortable outdoor living space efficiently is to maximize the principle of colors. You do not need to have a vast expanse of the outdoor area. If you have a tiny house, you can build your patios right in front of it. It can be your porch, as well. Design its roof with pastel or light whitewashed tones. White spaces create an illusion of added space. Get cozy, too, with furniture. Usually, patios will have wooden, wicker chairs and tables. These materials are dark and neutral. If you got a small spot to design and you can have more playful colors. Go for pinks, pastel, and peach. These colors will also make a unique and playful look. Match the floors with these themes and add on an epoxy floor coating.

2- Comfy Patios with Comforting Cushions

The usual problem with small spaces is that you cannot add too much stuff to them. Small patios for small homes can maximize this limitation. Instead of buying heavy furniture that consumes space, why not recycle some pillow or old cushions. Another is, purposely buy tiny chairs and coffee tables. If you cannot afford the luxury of space, then have the luxury of comfort. Cover your tiny chair with fleecy fabrics or comfy cushions. If the small patio you build in your home is made with a cold cocnrte flooring, then covering it with soft mats or knitted carpets will add to the complete comfort it wants to achieve.

Classic tiny house patio

3- Depth with Flooring Stains or Dyes

One way to get creative with patios is by putting some work on its floors. The exterior concrete looks elegant with stains. Applying acid-based dyes will make a translucent, mottled pattern on the surface. This distinct stained concrete look creates depth. Make this illusion of space not only for your interiors but also for your outdoor floors as well. A concrete polishing finish will add elegance to the floors.

4- Vertical Patios

Vertical patios? Yup! You got that, right! Might it be the first time you heard of a vertical patio? What does this mean or look like? So this list got inspiration from tiny-house, right. Now, you are probably always amazed by how tiny houses can reveal walls and doors and create extra spaces. Look around the mini houses and discover a functional space hidden below or above the house. Stairs could be folded vertically to reveal a dining area. A mini-library suddenly folded up to bring down the bedroom.

Inspiring right! Your outdoor spaces can get ideas from these cool engineering acts. Why not try a vertical patio. A mini staircase can be derived as seats. You can also transform a roof deck into an outdoor living room that resonates with a conventional patio. Add some concrete elements to it. A small concrete fire pit can be found on your roof deck. Surround the elevated spaces with natural ornaments, plants, pebbles, and more!

A not so tiny conclusion

Tiny spaces should only mean more creative opportunities. Do not get discouraged by what you can see visually. Imagine! Then take the first step in choosing items and accent that you have never tried before. That’s a tiny piece of advice for you. Start working and achieve something greater with unique ideas inspired by what you think are limitations.

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