Here’s How To Check If It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

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If you are used to living in an apartment block then you have probably rarely had to think about your roof. Moving to a bigger place which has its own roof means that you are now responsible for its upkeep. It is not always obvious when a roof needs to be replaced but there are a few key things to look out for.

Here's How To Check If It's Time To Replace Your Roof

In this article, there will be methods for checking if it is time to replace your roof.

Water Damage

One of the most serious indicators that it is time to replace your roof is if there is any water damage. This can be checked by seeing if there are any damp patches on the ceiling of your upper floors or in your attic. Water damage is a serious issue that must be rectified as soon as possible. By searching for a roofing contractor in Minnesota you should be able to find someone local to help you out. As soon as you notice any water seeping in from your roof you need to have it checked out.

Mould Or Moss Growth

Mold or moss growth on your roof might seem like a normal occurrence given that it is exposed to the outside elements. However, excess moss or mold can force roof tiles apart and create problems. These gaps will allow water in and cause water damage. It may also make the tiles loose and liable to fall off. You might be able to clean off any moss in the early stages of its growth but you may need professionals to give you an official opinion. Keep a watchful eye on any excess mould or moss growth on your roof.

Light Shining Through Your Roof

If you can see any light shining through your roof into the inside is an obvious sign that there are gaps in your roof. Gaps in your roof mean that it is not providing adequate protection from the outside elements. Water will be able to get in and cause damage. It will also mean that those exterior tiles have probably come loose and may start making a large hole. Patching up any gaps in your roof is the best way to maintain the health of your roof. If you can see any light shining through your roof it might be time to get a replacement.

Here's How To Check If It's Time To Replace Your Roof - roof

Loose Tiles

As you are doing your regular inspection of the roof you need to be keeping an eye out for any loose tiles. Not only can these be dangerous for you as you are walking around up there, but they are also one of the first signs that you need to replace your roof. Loose tiles can lead to all sorts of problems, from water damage to subsidence. To preserve the integrity of your roof you must make sure you replace any loose tiles as soon as you can.


Even if there is no obvious water damage, light spilling through, or loose tiles there might be another issue with your roof. Sagging is not always obvious from the inside or outside. Even the slightest dip has the potential to cause major issues for your roof. The main issue here is that it shows that your roof is losing its structural integrity. For this type of issue, you would need to call in a professional to assess what needs to be done. Sagging can happen over time and although the threat is not immediate you must get it sorted as quickly as possible. If you don’t then it might turn into a big issue.

Here's How To Check If It's Time To Replace Your Roof - old roof

How Old Is Your Roof?

The last thing to consider with your roof is its age. Although roofs are designed to withstand all sorts of weather, over time they will take a bit of a beating. You should look into the age of your home and whether or not there have been any replacements done on it in recent years. It is possible that you can get away with not replacing a room for a long time but if you have a very changeable climate then your roof has probably withstood quite a lot of strain. The age of your roof can be a good indicator that it is time to replace it.

A Roof Over Your Head

The roof over your head is arguably the most important part of a house. They need to be looked after to provide you with the protection that you need. By keeping an eye out for the issues raised above then you should know when it is time to replace your roof.

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