7 Tips to Making Sure Your Timber Deck Restoration is a Success

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Decks are found in the exterior part of your home and are highly crucial to its curb appeal. It’s also a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery of your lawn and garden. Lastly, decks are also the best place to host parties and entertain, so your decks should look good and brand new. Since decks are located outside, they endure a lot of foot traffic and are exposed to the elements such as sunlight, heat, and rainfall and snow. Over time, your deck will become weather-beaten and look old, which you should avoid from happening in the first place. You can do this by calling in a professional outdoor construction company, such as the guys from Deck Rejuvenation.

How to Make Sure Your Timber Deck Restoration is a Success

If you’re planning to restore a deck that has been neglected for several months or years, here are surefire ways to make your deck restoration a success:

Clean and Rinse Your Deck

It’s important to prepare your deck by washing it before you apply any material on it. This step is crucial to make sure the staining and paint will be absorbed well when you finally apply it. Use a power wash to thoroughly clean your deck of dirt and dust, and it’s advisable to use the wide fan setting of your power washer for softer wood types. This is a good time to put a mold or mildew repellent on your deck. Rinse the deck off thoroughly with a power washer and make sure that you’ve removed the old coating of your deck and that the surface is free from old materials, such as stains and paint.

Sand The Wood To Prepare It For Coating

Sanding will take some patience, but it’s worth it in the end. Successful restoration is all about proper preparation, and sanding is crucial to this. Make sure that your deck is completely dry before sanding it. It’s important to sand your deck surface, deck boards, and deck railings to prepare it for the sealant or paint you’ll be applying next. Use sandpaper that’s 60 to 80 grits. Take note that you shouldn’t make the surface overly smooth. Making the wood surface too smooth will close down the pores to the point that the sealant won’t be properly absorbed.

Choose A Waterborne Stain

Wood stains in the past are often oil-based solvents, which is great for coating the wood and for water repellency. However, they have a downside. They quickly break down when exposed to sunlight and heat. You’ve probably seen these old oil-based solvents and how they get cracks and peel off. This is due to the paraffin in the oil-based wood stain. Waterborne stains are better because they combine the best of oil and water-based coatings. Water is used as a carrier to drive the oil deep into the wood, where it can have long-lasting effects of giving durable protection. Furthermore, these stains are environmentally friendly and don’t sit on top of the wood surface; they won’t peel off or crack easily.

Properly Apply The Stain

You can apply a stain with a garden sprayer followed by a paintbrush to make sure that you’re getting an even and saturated coat. You can use a wet film gauge to see if you’re applying the correct and adequate amount. You should also look into the coverage direction on the product. Although you can put a stain with a roller or a sprayer, a paintbrush is still the best solution. Paintbrushes will cause agitation and friction, causing the stain to be absorbed deep into the pores of the wood. Thus, even if you’ve applied the stain using a spray or roller, always back-brush it if the stain is still wet to make sure it absorbs and penetrates into the wood. If you’re unsure you can call in a professional outdoor construction company or a plywood supplier in Melbourne.

How to Make Sure Your Timber Deck Restoration is a Success - restored deck

Use Brighteners To Make Your Deck Look Brand-new

Brighteners are part of the staining process and shouldn’t be skipped. They’re easy to apply and help open up the wood surface for improved penetration. They also help restore the appearance of your weathered wood when they’re still brand new.

Choose Colors Wisely

Choose colors that will complement your home and bring the beauty out of your natural wooden deck. Many expert designers and homeowners love wood since it’s attractive and distinctive. Get clear or nearly clear coatings that use iron oxides or technology that uses nano tints. These formulations help beautify the wood as well as enhance UV protection.

More Isn’t Better

Semi-transparent products bring out the beauty in decks and allow the natural grain of the wood to show. These semi-transparent products are also great for maintaining wood decks because they are easy to clean and apply. However, you shouldn’t over-apply these products because the result will be a finish that’s too shiny and peels off over time. Only apply the stain your wood can absorb. As a tip, always follow the directions of the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Decks are important and crucial to the beauty of your home. It’s a place for gathering and enjoying the exterior atmosphere. If you have lawns and gardens, the deck is the best place and best vantage point where you can best appreciate it, so restoring it is crucial so you can relax on it.

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