Should I tidy my garden before selling my house

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When it comes to selling up most of us are after a quick sale. Whether you are selling your home on the property market or via a property-buying firm such as LDN Properties, it certainly makes sense to present your home in its best possible light prior to selling. For many potential buyers, a spacious and attractive garden is a key must-have on their list of desired features. Therefore, it is undeniable that you should be giving your garden a bit of TLC before listing.

Should I tidy my garden before selling my house

In this article we will discuss some of the best ways to easily improve the look of your garden before selling your home.

Ways to improve the look of your garden before selling

Cut the grass – This sounds simple enough, but many homeowners neglect their lawn, and this can have a huge effect on how valuable viewers perceive your home to be. Additionally, making sure that noticeable weeds are removed, and hedges are trimmed will certainly improve the look of your property overall. Giving your garden a thorough tidy should hopefully translate into increased interest from viewers and, hopefully, a quick sale.

Consider a jet-wash – Jet-washing your patio or paving stones can be an incredibly messy, slippery, and laborious process, so it’s best to do this one a week or so before any viewers come to your property to allow the water to drain away. In spite of the drawbacks, this is one way to significantly improve the look of your garden in just a few hours. Save money by borrowing the jet-washing equipment from a friend or by hiring it rather than purchasing the equipment outright. Make sure you are wearing old clothes and take care as slippering paving stones can be hazardous. A thorough jet-wash has the power to make your garden look brand new so it’s definitely something to consider.

Invest in some tasteful decor – While garden decoration can be highly subjective, spicing up your garden with some simple white fairy lights or an attractive water feature can really enhance your garden’s appeal. However, exercise caution here as potential buyers may be put off by an army of garden gnomes or anything unnecessarily flashy or elaborate which could make your garden appear cluttered.

Tidy away clutter – Ensure that children’s toys and items such as bikes or paddling pools are either hidden in the shed or tidied up so that they don’t make the garden appear cluttered or smaller than it actually is.

Give your shed a lick of paint – Speaking of sheds, make sure that yours is looking it’s best with a fresh coat of paint or varnish. It’s amazing how much this can do to boost your garden’s appeal, as no one wants to look out of their window to see a scruffy and scuffed shed. A fresh coat of paint on your shed can really improve viewers’ perceptions of your garden.

Don’t neglect the front garden – This is key as a good kerb appeal is a factor for many buyers. Even if the back garden is immaculate, presenting the front garden in it’s best possible light may be even more important in the selling process as a messy front garden can put off a lot of buyers and detract from your home’s positive qualities.

Should I tidy my garden before selling my house - clean garden

Other quick tips

If your viewing has been booked at short notice there are still some last-minute things you can do to improve the look of your garden. If at all possible, move the bins to a place where they won’t detract from the look of your garden. Furthermore, give your garden a quick tidy up and quickly remove any weeds that are spoiling the look of your garden before the viewers arrive. Washing your windows is another great way to spruce up the look of your home and garden.

Another nice touch is staging your garden to show it off in its best possible light. If you have attractive garden chairs, arrange them as if you are expecting company and lay out a few glasses of wine and snacks. This will help potential buyers to visualise themselves living in and enjoying your home.

A word of caution when improving your garden’s appeal

While you may be keen to do everything in your power to increase the chance of a sale, it is not advisable to spend a considerable sum of money changing the look of your garden unless you are convinced that you will make a return on your investment. Do your research and be prudent before making any pricey changes such as adding decking or faux grass. Sometimes just improving the look of what you have is all you need to do to create interest from potential buyers. To sum up, there are a large number of things you can do to improve the appeal of your garden to potential buyers. Those looking for a good return on their investment should concentrate on improving any outside spaces in order to increase the chances of a quick sale.

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