Theft-Proofing Your Home In 5 Easy And Inexpensive Ways

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Theft-Proofing Your Home In 5 Easy And Inexpensive Ways

It is possible to keep your valuables safe and protect your family without using a lot of money. Consider the following guide, which may help you to know some inexpensive things you can do to secure your doors, especially in New England.

Find out who is there

You definitely don’t want to give thieves a way to your house. It may be important to have a peephole, where you can be able to see who is standing at the door. However, some thieves know that peepholes are very small. For this reason, they have a way of hiding slightly so that they cannot be seen. It can be prudent to install a wide door viewer.

Consider adding the inexpensive window and door alarms

Keeping all the windows and doors safe is an important way of protecting your home. Thieves hate commotions; hence, installing small alarms can send them away. You can get these systems in various home centers. The wireless devices become activated once the windows and doors are opened. With this, you will always know when someone is around your home compound.

Secure the courtyard doors

It is quite simple to work with door locks. Using a heavy stick on your doors can be time wasting and inconveniencing. You can always consider fastening a foot lock below your courtyard door. Use a bolt to hold onto the door securely. Use another guardian lock on top of your door. These two locks allow you to open your door without interfering with security. It takes less than 10 minutes to install the locks.

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Consider strengthening the door

Long screws and heavy strike plates add some reinforcement, which is required to keep away the burglar from entering your home. Remove strike plates to know the condition of your bolts. In case, the bolts are made of steel and are 3 inches and above it means they are ideal for reinforcing your door. If they are not, it will be wise to consider buying a heavy strike plate to a nearby hardware store. Installing the strike plate is simple.

Beef up the wooden garage door

Old doors made of wood has weak panels, which may be broken down easily. Adding a few bolts may not be the only solution you need. The best way to beef up the door is to use plywood plane as reinforcement. You can also block the door with a bar-holder bracket that you find suitable. Ensure the plywood you use is trimmed so that it may fit the center section of your door. Fasten the entry door with some drywall screws. Remember to estimate how far your bracket will be from your walls. From there, you can cut the filler strips and set them up.

With the above tricks, you do not have to worry about taking a trip to a nearby town or country. These tips will assist you to keep the burglars away from your property. It will be important to put a few tips into consideration if not all. If it is a challenge to install the reinforcement and security systems, ensure you call for help. Some professionals out there are ready to give you a hand anytime.

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