The Best Heavy Equipment For Your Outdoor Renovations

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The Best Heavy Equipment For Your Outdoor Renovations

Since the first primitive tool, man has been known to invent and innovate. Our world was reshaped by our ancestors and has paved the way for what we have today. It is in our nature to work and improve our surroundings. A great example is how people enhance their homes and lots. Tools and various machinery are quite common nowadays. Renovating on your own or hiring a contractor depends upon the amount of work needed, as well as budget. A lot of people like doing things on their own, especially small to medium scale jobs. If they want a pool or landscape their yard, all they need to do is search online for “heavy equipment rentals near me” and choose the best equipment for the task.


When you need to do a lot of digging, a shovel won’t cut it. Excavators are great at quickly displacing earth and forming that trench or hole you need. Pools, waterways, ponds, or a sunken garden can swiftly be shaped. These machines can also move or lift heavy objects. If you have an old shed, barn, or other structure that you no longer need, an excavator can also help with demolition and clearing.


Backhoes are sometimes considered as versatile excavators. It is typically a combination of two machines, a front loader and a digging bucket (excavator) at the back. A major difference between an excavator and backhoe is that the latter usually runs on wheels while the former uses tracks. Backhoes can dig and move earth or snow faster than an excavator.


This heavy equipment is excellent at moving, or carrying, materials like dirt, soil, snow, rock, sand, and feed. One way to classify loaders, aside from size, is their means of movement. There are two:

  • Wheels
  • Tracks

Wheel Loaders work better on solid surfaces while track loaders are often preferred on softer terrain as it has less ground pressure than wheels. Track loaders are also slower than wheeled ones and are less maneuverable.

Dump Trucks

This heavy equipment is great at jettisoning large amounts of materials. They are perfect for carrying away materials you no longer need or bringing large quantities of materials that you require. Say you want to fill a deep hole or raise the ground level of the area you are working on; a dump truck is perfect for bringing the dirt needed to accomplish what you want. Removing vast quantities of debris from your site is also a task that a dump truck can handle.

The Best Heavy Equipment For Your Outdoor Renovations - roller

Road Rollers

If you are working on uneven or rough terrain, road rollers are perfect for leveling surfaces. Like compactors, these are also great at compacting the ground or smoothing out dirt, asphalt, or concrete roads. Road rollers can come in either wheel, drum, or wheel-drum configurations. Road rollers nowadays use fuel engines, compared to their steam-powered predecessor.

Renting Tips

Heavy equipment can have varying rent rates. Check if there are rental options for daily, weekly, monthly or per-project basis. Knowing this would help you better budget your renovation. Pick two or three heavy equipment providers and compare what they offer. The best pick is not necessarily the one with the cheapest rate. Do background checks and consider customer reviews so that you can come up with a well-informed decision. Examine the possibility of hiring professional operators for the heavy equipment you rented. This is extremely important if you are not qualified to operate the machine. Lastly, thoroughly inspect the contract once you decide on a provider. Make sure everything that has been discussed is included in the document before signing and closing the deal.

Handy Tips

There are some items that you need to cover before venturing on an outdoor renovation project. Key tips are:

  • Design and planning – a well-thought layout and plan structure combined with a timetable will keep you focused on your project.
  • Expert help – there are times when the do-it-yourself approach is not the best way to go. Shop around for highly-rated professionals and let them assist you with your endeavor.
  • Be detail-oriented – the simplest item can cause a huge setback so do not dismiss the small stuff.

For simple outdoor renovations, smaller equipment can be used. Jackhammers, lawnmowers, picks and shovels, hammers, and axes are tools that will help you with the task at hand. The beauty of technology is that the perfect tool or equipment needed for the job is often available.

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