Things to know before tankless water heater installation

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The tankless water heater directly heats the water without the use of a storage tank. Coldwater travels through a pipe into the unit when the tap is turned on with the help of a gas burner or an electric element. The installation of such water heater units needs a proper location and setting. Possible installation problems, tips, and benefits are to be verified.

installing tankless water heater

The on-demand potable water heater manufacturers provide you with both indoor and outdoor gas models. The differences, pros, and cons and tankless water heater installation cost Columbus are discussed below:

Indoor Vs Outdoor Installation

As the name indicates indoor tankless water heater is designed for indoor purposes. These models use the venting system to transfer the by-product of gas combustion out. Some models even use a conversion vent kit, so that it can be used for outdoor purposes. The air for combustion is taken from either inside the home or from outside the atmosphere in a sufficient amount. While outdoor models do not need vent-pipe as they are ventless and are ideal for all those homeowners who are worried about venting.

The main factor to be considered before tankless water heater installation is the basic requirements and the location specifically. Detailed planning saves time and money. The installation requires knowledge about gas, electricity, and plumbing with the local codes and manufactures requirements. A skilled professional is a must. The cost depends upon the size and model you are selecting.

Things to consider

  • Installation of the vent pipe.
  • The location for gas, electric, and water supply line.
  • Location of most used hot water faucet.
  • Available space like a closet, bathroom, or outside walls.

Installation of Indoor Models

  • Mounting Tips

Exterior walls are the best place to install the water heater as it is easier and cheaper for venting and unit installation. Mounting requires only a few screws at the top and the bottom.

Note: Crossbeam behind drywalls is ideal for installation.

  • Proper Clearances

For normal operation of a venting system, proper clearances should be upheld from any doors, windows, plants, or air intakes and exhaust from other devices. Vital clearances give you proper air supply and vent gases safely out.

  • Power-Vent Vs Direct-Vent

Tankless models with a power-vent system are more flexible than direct-vent models as it’s vent pipe can be longer like 50 ft.

  • Vent kit

Most models come with the installed vent kit making the process easier and with the help of a vent kit some models be directly converted from power-vent to direct-vent.

  • Termination and Condensing

The unit can be vented horizontally or vertically depending upon the location with 3” or 4” vents. Vertical vent pipes are terminated with roof flashing and rain protection. Stainless steel vent is used when the heater is non- condensing. PVC, ABS, or similar products are used in condensing models.

connecting power to tankless water heater

Installation of Outdoor Models

As the outdoor tankless water heater models are ventless no expensive vent pipes and additional components are used and the exhaust opening is at the front of the heater. The junction box is installed outside which is to be connected to the unit by a weatherproof electric cable. The heat loss will be increased during winter as it is installed outside, so insulating the pipes will be effective. If the system is not used then draining it is a better option. They do not occupy the inner space as it is located outside.

Recommended places: Beauty shops or places with corrosive or flammable products.

Gas and Plumbing

Any gas work needs a skilled technician. For normal tankless operation, correct gas pressure is needed. Plumbing work involves hot and cold water pipe connections. Check valve, pressure relief valve, expansion tank, shut off valve, and service valves to be installed. The works are done per code. Check for the leakage before operating.

Choosing any of these above-mentioned tankless water heaters is up to the customer’s choice but at the same time, it is compulsory to consult the professional before buying and installing it. Know your product before buying and learn how you are going to use it. There are plenty of products available in the market claiming to be the most powerful one but they lack efficiency when tested. So, it always best to know the pros and cons of any product before buying it. Ohio Water Heaters is popular for tankless water heater installation services in Columbus, Ohio. Call the experts for assistance.

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