3 Tips For Taking Your Kitchen Into The Next Decade

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With a new year and a new decade coming up, you might start to look at your home and wonder if it’s time to do a little upgrading and updating. Especially if certain areas of your home haven’t been touched in a while, like your kitchen, it might be time to embrace a sense of newness and create a plan for how to make some improvements around your home.

3 Tips For Taking Your Kitchen Into The Next Decade

To help you in doing this in your kitchen area, here are three tips for taking your kitchen into the new decade.

Pick A New Cabinet Color

Because getting all new cabinets can be expensive, one option to update the look of your kitchen is to simply paint the cabinets that you currently have. According to HGTV, painting your kitchen cabinets can be especially effective in updating the entire look of your kitchen if you have parts of your kitchen that are still white, like your countertops. By picking a color for your cabinets that contrasts with the other colors that you have going on, your kitchen will take on a much more modern look and will make all of the colors pop even brighter.

Additionally, if you feel like your cabinets are outdated but don’t want to replace them entirely, you can also try adding some new hardware along with a fresh coat of paint for an even more dramatic look.

Get Some New Appliances

For those who do have a little more room in the budgets, a great investment into your kitchen is to update and upgrade with new appliances. Especially if you haven’t updated your appliances in some time, you might end up cutting down on your monthly utility bills by getting more energy-efficient appliances.

3 Tips For Taking Your Kitchen Into The Next Decade - appliances

To get the most modern and updated look, the staff of Country Living recommends going with stainless steel appliances. But if you’re simply looking for a more updated look without having to buy all new appliances, you can also recover the surface of some of your appliances to make them look fresh and new without the sticker price of all new appliances.

Rethink Your Lighting

Moving away from traditional kitchen lighting is also a great way to make the space look more current. According to Sarah Shelton, a contributor to Good Housekeeping, hanging pendant lights can be a great way to make more of a bold statement in your kitchen rather than having it look just like everyone else’s kitchen. Not only this, but having multiple options for lighting can help you set the mood between preparing food and enjoying the company of your loved ones within this space as well.

If you’re ready to update your kitchen in the new year, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make this space more current.

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