Taking Care of Your Wicker Patio Furniture

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Wicker patio furniture adds a vintage style to your outdoor area. When choosing your furniture, avoid steel and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Furniture made with aluminum is far more durable as opposed to steel as it does not expand, change appearance or weaken when it rusts. Wicker furniture requires proper maintenance regardless of being made of a synthetic material that has high durability.
How to Take Care of Your Wicker Patio Furniture

Tight weaving makes cleaning a little difficult. Once you have chosen a design that is not just OK or good enough, but one that you will love for years, what do you need to do to help maintain the quality and durability of your furniture? How should you handle your furniture?

Frequent dusting

There is a need to dust your furniture frequently regardless of it being long-lasting and the dust being unnoticeable. Dust causes slow breakdown and the eventual decay of fibers. Use a toothbrush to get dirt caught in small crevices of the wicker.

Protection from weather damage

It is advisable to cover up your furniture or move it to a protected area when the weather is extremely hot or extremely cold. When it is too cold, the weave may become stiff. When the weather gets too hot, it may also become more elastic. In the case of a lot of moisture, the weave may sag and cause mildew thus losing its longevity through eventual decomposition.

Regular inspection

Regularly inspect the furniture for warped weaving and move the weaving back with fingers. If that does not work, you can have it restored professionally. Check for moldy spots or sticky tree sap and remove them using a mild remover and rinse off to avoid damaging the weave.

Paint touch-ups

Natural colors are often combined along the textured ridges to give furniture a natural look, with each strand appearing unique to pick up and reflect light as naturally as possible. Check with the manufacturer, to find out if the frame also had a finish done. Touch up using a spray paint to fix chipped and damaged finish on the weaving and the frame, if need be.

How to take care of your wicker patio furniture - painting wicker furniture

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum regularly to get all the dirt missed by the brush and in crevices.

Deep cleaning

Keep the furniture clean by wiping off spills using a dampened sponge with a light detergent and rinse it thoroughly. If heavily soiled, use a sponge in warm water and a mild detergent. Hose off the furniture carefully, preferably at a low or moderate pressure, and leave it to dry well before use to avoid sagging when weight is added on the damp weave. Avoid using foam cleaners since foam can lodge between the weave strands and collect there causing mildew.

Cushion care

Handwash or throw the covers and cushion in the laundry machine. This is to ensure your furniture remains clean and in its pristine condition.

Ensure that your furniture lasts even longer with the above guidelines and also by asking for some of the environmentally friendly brand name fibers that guarantee topnotch quality, such as Rehau®, Ecolene®, and Viro®, among others. Feel free to check out this buyer’s guide for in-depth information on your furniture.

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