How to Take Care of Your Leather Couch

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There is a chic allure to having leather furniture as part of your living room set or study room. Wherever they may be, leather couches are a great addition to any space. Part of maintaining that appeal is making sure you properly maintain your leather couch.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Couch

Before you start spraying and scrubbing, you need to first know which leather type of couch you have. The common leather couch names and materials you can order here include:

Full-grain leather

This is the best quality of leather characterized by a luxuriously smooth surface with little to no flaws. It is a popular type of leather and it has not been snuffed to remove imperfections which makes its fibers stable and durable. This leather does not wear out easily because it develops a patina that protects the leather from further damage and gives the leather a pleasing aesthetic. The finished products from full-grain leather can be either aniline or semi-aniline.

Full-aniline leather

Aniline leathers have a wax finish to them that self-heals with some buffing. Aniline leathers include nubuck leathers that are distressed to give them a velvety softness beyond suede and pull-up leathers that are treated with oils and waxes.

Unprotected/ pure aniline

Pure aniline has a smooth and luxurious However, it is sensitive to staining.

Top-grain leather

In terms of quality, top-grain leather comes in second after full-grain leather. It is, however, more pliable and thinner because of its separated layers. The surface of this layer is sanded and a finish coat is usually added to make the leather less breathable and instead give it a more plastic finish. Just like full-grain leather, it also develops a pinna layer. The stain resistance for top-grain is better than full-grain and it is less expensive. It is the more commonly purchased leather because it is more durable and readily available.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Couch - conditioning

Genuine leather

This leather is made from real leather, but it’s the lowest in quality. Products from genuine leather are made from leather leftovers after the high-end products are made. It is, however, the most common and most affordable.

Corrected-grain leather

This type of leather has corrected imperfections on it. This type of leather is corrected and fixed by experienced leatherworkers to make it better and functional. This type is usually used to make pigmented leather.

How to care for your leather sofa

Dust the sofa: the good thing with leather is that it requires very little upkeep. To start your cleaning process, it is important to soft brush your couch to pick out the dust in the cracks and the corners. You can then clean the sofa with a clean lint-free cloth to get the dust particles off. Use a leather care kit for your cleaning: try to avoid using harsh detergents on your sofa, as these will damage the leather surface. Instead, you can use leather cleansing solutions to gently wipe the sofa.

Keep your sofa away from harsh weather elements: prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays make leather dry up and crack. To protect your sofa, you can place it at least two feet away from sunlight and other excessive heat sources like fireplaces. Get professional help with your sofa cleaning: when you see cracks and rips on your sofa, you can get professionals to check it out to avoid destroying it further by trying to fix it. They have the knowledge and equipment to restore your leather couch in ways you cannot.

With these tricks and tips, you can be able to know how to properly take care of your leather couch with proper routines for protection, conditioning, and cleaning. With the proper protection, you can ensure that your leather couch is a solid long-term investment.

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