Latest Sustainable Innovations In Tree Service Industry

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As the world is heading to a greener environment, the tree care industry is constantly changing and developing with many cutting-edge products and innovations to adapt to the market’s high demand.

Latest Sustainable Innovations In Tree Service Industry

Let’s find out what are the latest sustainable innovations in the tree service industry in our article.

Main Fields in Tree Service 

Greenery becomes vital to our urban lifestyle because of the benefits concerning our physical and mental health as well as our surrounding environment. It takes a lot of special care for trees to grow healthily, which tree services are established for. Tree care services help controlling and maintaining the tree population through different arboricultural methods such as trimming, pruning, and thinning trees. However, this industry reaches out to more elements of tree management than solely tree removal. Here are some common tree services in the arboriculture:

Immediate Tree Removal

When you spot a tree potentially leaning down to one side, it requires professional tree care service to remove the tree to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Uprooting Tree Care

Removing trees can greatly affect your land’s view and property’s value. If you’re concerned about large or hazardous trees in your yard, a professional arborist will help you uproot the trees without causing damage to the surrounding scenery.

Tree Relocation

Tree removal is not only for dead and hazardous trees but also for healthy trees. When certain soil is not ideal for your trees to grow, tree service can transfer your trees to a new and healthy place with more nutrients for growing your trees. It can be considered as a tree rescue plan which is more sustainable than chopping them down.

Pruning Or Trimming Tree Care

A large tree with no control over how it grows can cause unwanted accidents involving electrical wires or falling branches on your property. Therefore, to enjoy the greenery safely, tree service can trim and prune the tree shape so they can become safer for your living. They can also become a nice decoration to your yard as well.

Latest Sustainable Innovations In Tree Service Industry - tree trimming

Maintain Tree Health

If you would like to keep your tree healthy for ages, it is important to have an arborist inspect your garden once a year. They can assess the living condition of your trees and give you an overall diagnosis and solution to your trees, whether it needs some special trimming or uprooting.

Innovation in Tree Service Industry

In recent years, tree services are getting high demands from landscape architecture and urban forestry. This means the industry needs to equip itself with strong gears, competent human resources, and innovations to adapt to the world. Many tree care businesses invest in modern products for maximum results regardless of their effect on the environment.  Let’s review the latest innovation in the tree service industry that improves the workload and sustainability.

Static Load Testing

Static Load Testing is an innovative method to assess tree stability. Before this, many winching or pulling tests are designed for tree assessment. However, these tests tend to show 100% damage to the tree requiring tree removal solution to those experiments. With the new type of test, this method can deliver the accurate result without risking the tree’s life. So, what does a static load test do to your trees? The test uses engineering principles to calculate the risk and safety factor of your tree’s roots and stems during the storm. This means the possibility of the breakage and failure of the stem and root under strong winds. The test will apply pulling force, wind strength to the tree and calculate the effects on the stem. With this test, the arborist can understand the causes of the tree’s root damages, such as the living condition. The test statistics are transferred to a computer program where they will be analyzed with a database of different tree species within no time. The arborist can then determine to retain the valuable trees and eliminate the hazardous ones properly instead of mass tree removal.

Remote Sensing

Land management is so much efficient to comprehend with accurate tree inventories. However, to create those inventories, arborists have to measure, identify every tree by hand that can take months to complete the inventories. Remote sensing is an innovative solution to identify tree diversity with less time. The technology calculates the differences in chemistry and physiology of plants to spot their way of reflecting light and show the type of plant. It might sound unrealistic but a tree service company in Gatineau, QC is investing and utilizing this in their operations and have achieved amazing results.

In order to collect data, there is an aerial platform or satellite image of the plantation areas for the algorithm to analyze and connect the similarity of the plant’s light signature. According to scientists, the light reflects the shape of a tree, which can be used to determine the chemical and internal structure of the leaves. With this technology, arborists can assess and manage the health of the areas and determine where to install new plants or remove old trees.

Porous Pavement

Caring for trees is a necessary element in a tree service. It doesn’t involve removing the trees from the area and maintaining the tree health from the root. For Root Cause company, their attention to the health of the tree is shown in their innovative technology, which is “Porous Pavement.” According to the creator, Brian Holders, CEO of Root Cause, healthy trees can grow uncontrollably into buildings and roads, damaging the landscapes and the sidewalk pattern. Therefore, porous pavement service can bring a balance between the above-ground and underground portion of the tree.

Latest Sustainable Innovations In Tree Service Industry - porous pavement

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Handheld Kit

Assessing the tree’s health is so much easier with the chlorophyll fluorescence kit called Arborcheck. This system allows the user to make a physiological assessment of the tree’s health without penetrating the tree’s body. It can show different potential harmful elements before the appearance of severe signs. With the Arborcheck system, the tree care business can improve their monitor accuracy on new plants and veteran trees with simple actions. The system collects the statistic of the fluorescence rate of the tree and the concentration of foliar chlorophyll on the leaves and compares it to the statistic of healthy trees.

To specify, the use of sunlight for a healthy tree will be 80-84%. When the tree is unstable due to a drought or change of living conditions, the usage of sunlight will be slower, and the tree will increase the chlorophyll fluorescence rate. Arborcheck system is great for detecting the tree’s health before it is too late to resolve. From the statistic, arborists can decide the appropriate next steps to maintain the tree’s health and promote the growth of the tree.


Tree service businesses are about tree trimming and removal and maintaining the tree environment by multiple innovations. With sustainable technology, the tree service industry will continue to thrive and resolve more problems relating to arboriculture and the environment.

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