The 10 Advantages of Surveillance Systems for Construction Sites

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Investors and contractors can find it difficult to stay on top of everything when it comes to construction projects. Due of the complexity of these job sites, it can be difficult to maintain order without the use of technology.

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On the job site, you might utilise a construction technology such as construction camera as well as additional surveillance equipment. If you still lack it, you should consider purchasing some because you’ll gain a lot by doing so. Below we have mentioned 10 benefits of Surveillance Systems for Construction Sites.

1. Higher Job Site Security

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the best systems are frequently acquired after careful planning and analysis of your company’s requirements. You can constantly stay informed about what’s going on at the job site with a proper surveillance system. They produce live broadcasts and photos so you can react quickly. Due to the time-lapse feature of contemporary security cameras, you can check job site actions at any point in the past. Even products with motion detectors are available to buy. Since they can detect any unusual activity after hours, these are useful for remote locations. Also, they can help to minimize drug abuse on the construction site.

2. Shoplifting and theft can be prevented via video surveillance

Placed conspicuously, business security cameras can aid in preventing theft. Did you know that shoplifters cost small businesses $25,000 to $33,000 per minute nationwide, and that 64% of all small businesses experience employee theft?

3. Criminally useful evidence

The video captured by your office’s CCTV cameras is crucial if a crime is committed there or nearby. The video can be used as evidence in court in addition to helping identify and apprehend the criminal. A lot of the time, judges or juries base their verdicts on CCTV surveillance evidence and find the offender guilty. Therefore, having CCTVs on-site is advantageous for both the local community and your employees as well as your property.

4. Put internal business disputes to rest

No matter how big your company is or how much office space you cover, disagreements will inevitably arise. Employees and you, employees and other employees, or even the employees themselves, can be involved in these arguments. In such circumstances, you typically need to determine precisely what went wrong before things spiral out of control. In these situations, a surveillance camera can offer sufficient evidence to resolve the incident fairly.

5. Safeguards Against Burglaries

Forcible entry is used in 60.5% of burglaries. Burglaries are frequently thought of as “crimes of opportunity” by many individuals. However, data reveal that forced entrances account for the majority of burglaries (breaking windows, picking locks, kicking in doors, etc.). An effective security system with cameras for surveillance can greatly reduce the likelihood of these crimes happening.

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6. Enhances outside security for clients and personnel

Your employees are safeguarded by video surveillance security cameras both directly and indirectly. When placed in parking lots owned by the corporation and outside the actual structure, they can capture any suspicious activity and let building security guards or other people to make sure workers arrive at their vehicles securely.

7. Minimise liability

Lack of protection against liabilities and further damage and losses is one of the problems that might arise from subpar jobsite security surveillance. Without adequate construction site security, any losses and damages to a building that result from the theft of a large piece of equipment that gave the thief access to the building would be expensive. Contractors can be held responsible for mishaps or injuries on their property that involve trespassers or are brought on by their behavior. Having CCTV security systems on construction sites will help to better protect against these threats.

8. 24/7 Peace of mind

Continuous real-time monitoring – IP remote surveillance enables authorised staff to continually and in real-time monitor crucial business areas from virtually anywhere.

9. Can aid in preventing fraud and legal claims

Avoid exorbitant legal fees caused by untrue or deceptive allegations. Being sued is one of any company’s biggest nightmares. Whether an incident involves an accident, injury, harassment, or another legal matter, having video proof can show what actually happened.

10. Offers Commercial Compliance

In order to adhere to SEC or HIPPA requirements as well as internal corporate standards, many different kinds of enterprises are required to have a video surveillance system in place.

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