3 Surprising Signs of a Home Pest Infestation

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Home pests are no joke. Pests such as termites quickly form colonies that can nibble away at your house and cause significant damage. One termite on its own can’t do much, but when you have thousands of them eating away at the wooden structure of your house, you could soon be facing extensive structural damages to your home. The problem that many homeowners face is that they don’t realize that they have an infestation until it is too late. By the time you hear those termites munching away at your walls or notice that you’re sharing your mattress with bed bugs, those home pests have made themselves at home and it is going to take a fair amount of money to get rid of them and to repair the damage.

Surprising Signs of a Home Pest Infestation

The best way to deal with pests is to get rid of them as soon as possible. You should constantly be on the lookout for signs of infestation. If you suspect that you have a problem, you should immediately start using pesticides and hire an exterminator. Not sure what signs you should be on the lookout for? Here are three signs that you should watch out for.

Your house is dirtier than usual

If your cleaning routine hasn’t changed but your house is dirtier than ever, you could have tiny insects (such as cockroaches) or rodents lurking within your walls. One of the first things you might see is droppings. You’ll probably spot them around your baseboards, in your basement, or in other hidden areas of your home (such as your attic). While droppings are never a good sign, the size and shape of the droppings can quickly help you figure out what you’re dealing with.

Other signs of an infestation unusual smudges of dirt along your wall (this is caused rodents rubbing up against them), gnaw marks on furniture or on wires, or crumbs on your floor. In some instances, you might even discover body parts. Insects discard wings and skin. If you notice an unusual amount of insect body parts within your home, you have a problem. If you find yourself cleaning up after insects or rodents that don’t belong in your home, call in a professional.

There are strange smells and sounds

As the home pests settle into your home, you’re going to start noticing unusual smells and sounds. You’ll probably hear a rat or mouse before you see them. If you’re lying in bed at night and hear scuttling, you’re likely sharing your home with a rodent. As they travel around your home, they’re going to squeak and scratch. Most rodents travel within the walls.

Insects are harder to hear. If you hear munching noises coming from within your walls, you likely have a termite problem. If you hear chirping or hissing, there could be cockroaches lurking throughout your home. You might also notice a rotten smell coming from within your walls. This is likely due to rodents carrying food around your home. There might even be a lingering smell of urine or feces. There is also a strong possibility that the pests might die somewhere within your home. If you’ve never smelt a decomposing mouse before, consider yourself lucky!

Items move by themselves

It can be alarming when small items around your home start disappearing or moving around. But before you start blaming a ghost, you’re going to want to rule out a pest infestation. Large pests, such as rats, will pick up items and move them around your house. When rodents move into your house, they’re going to want to create cozy nests. And the items in your home make perfect bedding. They might nibble on furniture and pull out the stuffing. Or, they might pick up pieces of paper and shred them. If items are going missing, start looking around for nests.

Surprising Signs of a Home Pest Infestation - cockroach

Insects might also be to blame. Cockroaches are scavengers that will eat almost anything. They’ll eat food you leave out but they’ll also nibble on paper. Other types of insects, such as beetles and moths, may also start gnawing away at your clothes. So, if items are moving around or are disappearing completely, don’t call an exorcist! What you need is an exterminator.

Final thoughts

Dirty home, strange sounds, unusual smells, and moving items? You definitely have a problem! All of these are signs of a home pest infestation. The moment you suspect you have unwanted house guests, find a way to get rid of them before they take over your entire house.

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