Sump Pump Guide

The sump pumps are essential parts of many homes in the western countries. They protect your house, more specifically your basement from flooding caused by snow and heavy rainfall. If you are faced with such issues, then you obviously will be well aware about the importance of having a sump pump. People with old houses struggle to get the right product installed in their basement.

sump pumps types

The potential buyers must first check out the suitability of a particular type of sump pump for their house. Further, the severity of the weather in your area underground water level should be kept in mind when you’re searching for the adequate sump pump for your home. You also need to be sure if you will be alright with just the primary sump pump installed or you’ll need a backup system as well. A backup system is needed if you leave your house for longer periods of time. Luckily, you can add the backup to your existing sump pump as well. The backup system in your absence will take charge automatically when your primary system fails due to any reason.

Where and how to buy a sump pump?

The Do It Yourself retailers are the best place for buying sump pumps. The basement waterproofing contractors and the plumbing wholesalers would also be a good option, particularly because of their variety and economical price offers. You must allocate a budget between $50 to $500 and even more if you’re buying a sump pump that will last for years to come. The price of such products varies primarily based on the manufacturer, type, quality and features offered in a particular product.

Your first critical decision about the sump pump

The first decision is selecting either the submersible or the pedestal sump pump. The major advantage of submersible sump pump is in using it when the basement of your house is used as a living area. The safety is guaranteed for the children as well. On the other side, the pedestal type of sump pumps is a good choice because it’s cheaper and easier to maintain.

submersible sump pump

The submersible sump pump offer users with a life span of minimum 5 years and the maximum it can go is up to 15 years, as they stay in water for the majority of the time. On the contrary, the pedestal sump pumps on average lives up to 25 – 30 years. It must be noted that the longevity or the life span of a sump pump is dependent on the frequency of usage, condition and the expertise of the manufacturer. The warranty of the product plays an important part in elaborating the effectiveness and the longevity of a particular sump pump.

Type of Switches

There can be a great variety in the switches on the sump pumps likes mercury, float or the diaphragm switch. The type of the switch really doesn’t matter because they all do their job and their lifespan is almost the same. But you must be sure that your sump pump has an automatic switch. The manual one is not preferred as most of the time people are not at home to activate the sump pump at the same moment when basement flooding appears.

The Gallons Per Minute

The Gallons Per Minute or just the GPM means that how many gallons a particular type of sump pump can chuck away. It tells you about the efficiency, capacity and the ‘lift’ or ‘head’ of the sump pump. Further, also make sure that your pump is capable of passing some small particles such as pebbles, leaves and other similar things as well. After knowing the necessary info and analyzing what you would need in a sump pump, you can decide which product to buy. Never try to buy a product that has a lot of extra features and unnecessary options that are not needed actually. Try to focus on your requirements and the way the sump pump would be useful to your home.

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  1. A sump pump is very essential for any house. So, even if I have a sump pump installed in my house, it’s important to keep an eye out for buying the best pump. I am quite confused of which brand I should buy and what is it’s best capacity to rise water.
    After reaching out your post I get the clear concept of my confusion.Thanks for your ideas.
    As well can you please suggest me some best brands and where to buy ?
    Thanks in advance…!!!

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