Summer Pest Prevention

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Summer has arrived and people want to relish this warm weather and the smell of the season by hosting barbeque parties with family and friends. But, nothing ruins a garden picnic like a line of ants and a barbeque party like a swarm of mosquitoes. Also, there is a slight fear when children and adults see a spider, mouse or cockroach running around the house and garden.

Summer pest prevention

There are pests that cause a buzz around a picnic, major annoyance if they are inside your home, or transmit diseases. The best way to prevent these unwanted guests in your locality is never to attract them in the first place. In this article we will cover some most common summer pests and how to avoid them.


Mosquitoes are the biggest nuisance during the hot summer months. It is not only due to their relentless buzzing around the ears, it is also because of their bite that can transmit dangerous diseases. These insects are most active during the hot months of June, therefore proactive measurements must be taken to keep them at bay.
Summer pest prevention - mosquitoes

Pest Prevention

The best way to eliminate mosquitoes from your locality is to deprive them of any standing water bodies, which are required for their reproduction. Once all water bodies in your area disappear, they will look for other areas for breeding. You can also use eco-friendly products alike mosquito traps and citronella candles


Every home has to deal with ants at some point in time. Although they do not carry harmful diseases, ant infestations are an irritation in their own way. Their bites can leave lasting marks on the body and result in days of continuous itching. If proper precautions are not taken, they can quickly take over your home.
summer pest prevention - ants

Pest Prevention

The key to preventing an infestation in your home is to dispose of rotting food and secure and store and secure all viable food source. Remove garbage on a regular basis. If you see a line of ants in your home, seal all points of their entry.


During the winters, termites retreat underground. But, when the weather begins to warm up, they resurface. Once they do, they search for their primary food source – wood. If their nest is near your home, they will begin feeding on the wooden structures that support your home and will render it unlivable. Therefore, you need to deal with the termite infestation before repairing the damages.
Summer pest prevention - termites

Pest Prevention

Discovering a termite infestation is a difficult task since termites can only be detected after the damage has been done. But there are some signs that tell about it like cracked wooden structures, creaking noise from wooden beams, etc. If you think you come across any termite infestation sign, you should call a professional pest control immediately. You can also use anti-termite sprays to prevent these pests from gnawing on your house’s wooden structures.


Rats are one of the most dangerous pests in the world today. Not only they send a cold chill down your spine, they also carry deadly diseases with them like typhoid, rabies, etc. A sign of two or more rats is definitely a sign of a rat infestation and countermeasures need to be taken to prevent further breeding of these pests.
Summer pest prevention - rats

Pest Prevention

First, identify their point of entry and seal it off. Keep your food stored in tight containers made of metal or glass so that the rats can’t chew through your food source. Keep your surroundings clean; a clean environment means that the rat has fewer places to hide. You can also use mouse traps or rat poisons to kill them. If you have trouble dealing with rat problems, it would a great idea to call a professional pest terminator.


Possums are very dangerous pests to humans and pets alike. While they try to avoid a fight and play dead when threatened, there have been instances that the rodent does not play dead and moved on to bite its attacker, leaving behind a mark and also transmitting diseases. They are also great at creating havoc in your garden. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of possum in the yard if you see one.
Summer pest prevention - possums

Pest Prevention

Blocking all entry points must be the first step you should take. Possums can get to your residential areas via openings in your fence. You can also wrap galvanized iron around structures like trees and over-beam poles to make it difficult for them to climb since it will stop them from being able to grip the surface with its claws. Some other methods include spraying possum deterrents and sprays.

As the summer passes by, these pests will continuously try to gain access to your residential area because they are constantly on the lookout for food and protective shelter. If you take these preventive steps, you can be assured that the above pests won’t bother you anymore.

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