One of the most violating experiences is that of a home burglary. If you’ve been broken into, it can be a rather overwhelming feeling. Before you do anything it is extremely important that you do not enter your house. In order to not disturb the crime scene, you need to stay outside or go to a friend. From there you can call the police, but before they arrive, it’s important not to touch anything.

Important Steps to Make After a Burglary

Here’s a clear step-by-step guide for what to do in case you are broken into.

File a Police Report

Before doing anything else you need to call the police. Don’t go into the house, touch the broken glass or move items that may be used as evidence. The police will inspect the property for signs of forced entry and check the house for fingerprints. The police report is a written record that a crime has taken place. Once you’ve filled out a report of the burglary, make sure to request a copy of it. This report will be helpful when making an insurance claim.

List the Items That Have Been Stolen or Damaged

Go through the house, room by room, and make a list of things that are missing. Be thorough and carefully look over everything in your home. Include serial numbers and an estimation of their value. Check for items that are missing from the garage as well as missing keys.

Talk to the Neighbours

Let the community know that there has been a burglary in your area. Ask if they saw anyone around your home and if they are aware of any similar incidents and activity recently. Take note of any helpful information that they give you. Turn this information over to the police investigating the burglary along with your neighbor’s contact details.

Check for Surveillance Footage

If you or your neighbors have security cameras around the home, check the footage from that day. Share any videos that have captured even some of the smallest parts of the crime as they may be helpful for your insurance claim.

Take Pictures

Take pictures and make a video walkthrough to document the crime scene. Videos and pictures act as important evidence of property damage and missing valuables.

Notify Your Bank

Inform your bank of the burglary as soon as possible. Even if the burglar didn’t steal your credit cards or check-book they likely had access to bank statements and other important financial documents. Make sure to request a new card.

Important Steps to Make After a Burglary - despair

Make an Insurance Claim

Look over your home insurance policy to see what is covered and how soon claims need to be submitted after the break-in. Collect any evidence of ownership for these things; this could include receipts and photographs of the home prior to the burglary. Once you have gathered the necessary information, contact your insurance company to see what they cover.

Secure the Property

Following a burglary, you might feel unsafe and you likely are. There are usually broken windows or broken locks. It’s important to make the home secure again. Therefore, the specialists at Saunders Locksmiths are of the opinion that there should be emergency 24-hour services that can help you secure your windows, doors, locks, and other access points.

Change the Locks and Increase Security Measures

Your locks need to be changed as soon as possible, so you should contact a professional and trustworthy locksmith. A break-in is a strong message that it’s time to increase security. You need to address the weak points of the house to prevent a future burglary. A home break-in can be financially and emotionally devastating and it is normal to feel afraid, unsafe, and upset afterward. Take time to care for yourself and your family and get in touch with your support network. Implementing new and more secure home protection can help you feel more secure in your home.