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Podcasts are currently increasing in popularity, and the topics that are discussed are varied. Although many podcasts can be geared towards entertainment, users are increasingly tuning into podcasts with education on their minds.

Start an Educational Podcast

If you think that podcasts are only good for funny talks and they are of no use for other purposes, you need to dig into this matter deeper. Podcasts, just like YouTube or TikTok videos can vary in content. So, if you’re stuck with reading new material over and over again and writing essays, it’s high time to order essay paper on, close the boring book, and find a podcast that will explain to you everything you need in 15 minutes.

If you are an academic expert thinking of starting a podcast, pay close attention to these tips:

Spotify is one of the most popular audio-streaming apps that podcasters use. The platform will enable you to reach more listeners, as they can easily share your podcast amongst themselves. Use SubscriberZ to get a leg up on your competitors, boosting the growth of your podcast page exponentially.

Monotone refers to that boring unchanging pitch that people can get when speaking without someone to respond to them. As an educational podcast, you will probably be explaining your topic as a lecturer would; and you might find yourself speaking in a monotone. Avoid it at all costs, to keep from losing listeners. Common ways to avoid slipping into monotone are standing up straight, breathing, and pausing for effect.

Have Fun with your lectures. Just because your podcast is academic it does not need to be dull. You can bring life to your lectures by using many different techniques. Write down your lecture before recording, and try to find ways to make it more interesting to people outside the academic sphere.

Audio Quality is extremely important in podcasting. You may be thinking that your podcast is merely a way to convey your lecture to listeners and as long as they can hear you, there is no need for any fancy audio. However, if your students are distracted by the sound of the fan spinning behind you, or your microphone rubbing against your shirt – they will not have enough mental capacity to focus and pay attention to your lecture. If you want to have a high quality video and audio you’ll need a quality hosting, like Squarespace hosting for podcasters.

Start an Educational Podcast - podcast

Benefits of Educational Podcasts

More people are using podcasts as a means of educating themselves. In fact, it is the second most popular genre that listeners search for. Although a podcast will not result in a certification of any kind, the medium is a better fit for education, because people can listen without the use of their eyes or hands. This means that they can tune into podcasts while doing other tasks such as driving or doing the dishes. This makes it more convenient than reading or watching a video. Also, most podcast streaming apps allow for pausing and keep track of where you stopped. Listeners can easily stop listening to search for something if they did not understand part of the lecture.

Academia can often be seen as a heavy topic, but the younger population is increasingly interested in education outside the bounds of a university or college. Podcasts are the perfect medium to earn money in the pursuit of educating people. Additionally, using this type of media means the educator is also free from any restrictions that traditional educational institutions might have placed. A major benefit of using podcasts for education is that the medium is usually free, or very cheap to subscribe to. The cost of higher education is on a steady rise. Educational podcasts are a way that low-income segments of the population can be educated easily. If you are passionate about educating people, this is an easy way to reach even some of the poorest students.

Regardless of the subject that you choose to base your educational podcast on, you can surely find eager students that will make time to tune in and listen. As a cost-effective way to educate a large number of people, educators will find that podcasting is a relatively simple and easy medium to begin classes on.

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