Spring Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress

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Mattresses are available in many different styles, shapes, sizes, and types to pick from, thanks to the rapidly growing mattress industry and latest innovations. Whether you need a mattress to relieve back pain or the one that would support you in your preferred sleep position, there are plenty of options you can pick from. Among the types of mattresses in the market, the two most popular ones are spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

Spring Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress

Before we move on to the spring mattress vs. foam mattress, let us discuss what memory foam mattress and spring mattress is.

What are Spring Mattress and Memory Foam Mattress?

Innerspring or coil mattresses have been around for a long time. Spring mattresses are made of continuous rows of springs that are independent of each other. These springs contract when weight is applied to them and provide a support system to the person sleeping on them. In the past years, the construction of spring mattresses has been perfected, and they come with a pocketed spring system that provides greater support and motion isolation.

Memory foam mattresses are a somewhat newer addition in the mattress market but have gained popularity because of the several benefits they offer. These mattresses are made of polyurethane foam material that is sensitive to weight and temperature. The foam makes these mattresses conform to the body shape and relieves pressure point. Even though both these types offer the best support, comfort, and quality in the market, some significant differences between the two can help make a person choose one over the other.

Spring Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress

Motion Separation

  • Spring Mattress– The springs in the mattress are separate from each other and provide better motion isolation Thus, when you shift from one corner to another, the mattress won’t sink completely. Thus, it is perfect for those who sleep with a partner or kids.
  • Memory Foam Mattress– Memory foams take the shape of the user’s body and remember it. Since it aligns according to the entire body, it offers a more natural sleeping position and provides better support that helps in back and joint relief. Since the foam creates a mould, it provides motion separation and prevents a person from rolling towards the other side when there is too much movement on the bed.Spring Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress - sketch


  • Spring Mattress– Spring mattresses can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years before they would need to be replaced. These tend to become harder as the springs start to sag due to body weight that makes it lose support.
  • Memory Foam Mattress– Memory foam mattress can easily last up to 12 years, even with frequent usage. The foam has the ability to preserve its quality over time and offers the same support even after several years of usage.


  • Spring Mattress– Since spring mattress has layers of spring, they are breathable and allow for a natural flow of air between them.
  • Memory Foam Mattress– The best memory foam mattresses come with cooling gel technology that helps regulate the temperature but also increase ventilation between the body and the material for a good night’s sleep.

Now that you know the major foam mattress vs. spring mattress differences, you can make an informed decision while picking the best-suited one for you. Since an average person spends about 30% of their life sleeping, the importance of a good mattress to sleep on cannot be ignored.

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