How to Spot Roof Damage from Hail, and What You Can Do About It!

Hail can be one of the most destructive forces on your roof. It can strike quickly and without warning, and sometimes you may not even notice it has happened if you don’t know what to look for. You will want to make sure you check for roof damage after every hail storm.

How to Spot Roof Damage from Hail, and What You Can Do About It

In 2012, hail caused over $700 million worth of property damage in Alberta CA, and that’s only reported damage. Sometimes the damage isn’t readily apparent and turns into roof leaks later on. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips of what to look out for after a hail storm.

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  1. Look for Hail Damage at Ground Level

It can be hard to see damage on your roof without climbing up there, but a good way to check on whether it’s time to get the ladder out and take a look is to look around your property at other items to gauge the strength of the hail storm. Hail can cause dents and divots in gutters and downspouts, so they are one of the first places to check. If you have a freestanding mailbox, check it for damage. Plastic mailboxes may crack from the impact of hailstones, while metal ones can end up dented. If you suspect a hailstorm may have damaged your roof, it’s important to learn more about how to inspect it safely and what signs to look for to determine if repairs are needed.

  1. Algae or Moss

Algae or moss growing on your roof is a sure sign that it is retaining moisture. This usually happens when the shingles have been damaged and water is getting into small cracks. These areas tend to get worse over time and can turn into major leaks, so get them looked at right away!

  1. Broken Shingles

Broken, missing, or curling shingles are a sure sign that something is wrong. You may not notice them from the ground, but if you noticed any of the damage in tip #1, get up on your roof once it’s dry and take a look. Even if the damage to the singles seems minor, it will drastically reduce the life of those shingles and eventually cause a problem spot on your roof. You can get a section of roof reshingled to prevent this problem without having to get the entire roof re-done. Just make sure to catalog where all of the damage is and fix it all.

How to Spot Roof Damage from Hail, and What You Can Do About It - damaged roof

Bonus tip: Call your homeowners insurance provider as soon as you notice the damage, you may be covered for even old hail damage.

Get Your Roof Damage Fixed Now, Before the Leaks Start!

Once you have identified the damage to your roof, it’s time to take action. Ignoring the signs of hail damage will only leave you susceptible to leaks and bigger problems later on. It’s best to call a licensed roof contractor right away, like the ones at Best Roofing, and get your roof back in tip-top shape!

Keep an Eye on the Sky, and Your Roof!

Now you have the knowledge you need to keep an eye out for roof damage caused by hail. Remember to check after every storm, and fix the damage quickly! We hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading! If you did, check out some of our other great entertaining and informative articles!

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