Spacejoy Vs Modsy: Why Choose Spacejoy Over Modsy?

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The very first thought when you purchase a new house is how you can transform it into the space of your dreams. This entire transformation process requires professional interior design insights and top-notch expert guidance. The two online services to make this transformation possible include the competitor platforms Spacejoy and Modsy. Both the platforms aim towards providing premium quality services by helping you design your dream home using 3D modelling technology.

Spacejoy Vs Modsy

To help you understand which platform is winning this rat race as the better design platform, let us debate the subject Spacejoy vs Modsy.

What Will Spacejoy Do For You?

Spacejoy provides the most effective and simple way of decorating your room online.

  1. You can begin with the “Start your Project” option and fill in your details regarding your room’s requirements, the budget, the occasion of renovating your house, and the timeline that you expect to get your room ready. This will help Spacejoy to serve you with better home designs.
  2. Proceed to select a design package as required.
  3. You are then required to scan your room in the Spacejoy interactive 3D software and explain to the designers the design concept you have in mind.
  4. Spacejoy will then place handpicked decor and furniture pieces to match your sense of aesthetics perfectly from renowned online interior design brands.

Apart from helping you visualize your dream space, Spacejoy actively follows the “You Imagine, We Design” tagline and offers attractive prices to new customers starting only at $69. Also, a “See our design projects” section serves by providing recommendations for interior decor pieces from big and small retailers.

Why Should You Choose Spacejoy?

To understand why Spacejoy should be your first online interior design platform choice, let’s explore the advantages of consulting Spacejoy:

  1. Spacejoy allows you to decide the budget of your home design and matches you with the right experts who will best understand your needs. With Spacejoy, you can blindly trust your interior design needs to its experts as you get to work 1:1 with them.
  2. The interior designers at Spacejoy ensure 100% design satisfaction. This means that you can ask for an unlimited number of design revisions until you are absolutely satisfied with the end result.
  3. You get quality services at delightful pricing that starts at $69 only.
  4. If you have an existing set of furniture, Spacejoy also offers to remodel it for absolutely free of cost.
  5. Spacejoy offers money-back guarantees to the customers in case you are not satisfied with the look and feel of the final design despite several revisions.

Customer Testimonials

Here are the happy stories of the customers who have had a great experience with Spacejoy’s online interior design services. Take a look at it:

This is what Rachel Michelle had to say on the final design of her workspace, living, and dining room.

“The speed with which Spacejoy’s design team put my design together came as a pleasant surprise. I haven’t heard of any interior designer finishing the job in under ten days. And the design itself! Lauren was thorough that I had no feedback to offer. For someone who is so particular about the things I buy for the house, it’s a big feat. It’s incredible how she caught on to my vision right away and delivered a beautiful space for us to live, dine, and work out of!”

Shanice shared her fantastic review on the living room designed by Spacejoy.

“Designing online was a first for me – designing rooms online. And the fact that it was my new house, it was extra special for me. Collaborating with Spacejoy gave me the freedom to express my design sensibilities and expert guidance to achieve the design that I exactly wanted. The experience was fascinating and fulfilling. Working so closely with the designer was educating, and the app was very interesting. The process overall was extraordinarily smooth and results…just amazing. My living room turned out just as I wanted it to. I’ve loved the journey so far, and I’m sure that I’ll be back for the rest of my house.”

Spacejoy Vs Modsy - table

Benefits of Designing Your House With Spacejoy vs Modsy

Here are the significant benefits customers can avail while opting for the interior design services from Speacjoy that they cannot find in Modsy.

  • You get to work with interior design experts for transforming your space.
  • The starting package at Spacejoy is $69 only.
  • You can also customize your budget and choose from unlimited design revisions.
  • You can contact the interior designer via email or phone.
  • The website recommends a shopping list of products that could easily be complemented with interior design.

Conclusion to the Spacejoy Vs Modsy Debate

With services for interior designing starting at $69 and with amazing features, such as 1:1 contact with expert designers, unlimited design revisions, and 100% guarantee, Spacjoy is therefore considered more beneficial than Modsy. Here is the comparison table you can go through to settle the Spacejoy vs Modsy debate. With all these mind-blowing features in place, Spacejoy will dominate the interior designing market for a long time.

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  1. tallbox December 13, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    Great article, Hadymantips. As an Interior designer myself, I’ve been able to recommend some of our clients who wanted to use a designer a few times but did not have the budget for full service. That’s how I decided to find a reliable online designer to send clients we can’t service but want to help. In the end, we decided to supervise pro bono online designers, and some of them did a good job, others poor. We also tested spacejoy and modsy.
    My 2 cents are that spacejoy has more features in terms of service, but their designs are not always great – most of the time, they produce just a bunch of clutter with new decors. Modsy, on the other hand, has not had “spot-on” moments, but overall their designs (not the renderings) were a bit better than spacejoy.
    Final verdict – you get what you pay for. Spacejoy is more affordable, and you will get a project, but only if you don’t mind visual clutter (at the end of the day, they have to earn some commission, right).
    Whatever the company people use – they must be aware that having someone with a professional eye to do a spot check is a very good idea (even if they have to pay $100)