6 Space-Saving Ideas You Can Use For A Small Home

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Owning a small home is becoming more and more important these days. With rent and mortgage prices increasing, many are looking at smaller living spaces like apartments and condominiums in very dense cities, or choosing small houses to save on homeowner costs.

6 Space-Saving Ideas You Can Use For A Small Home

With these decisions to minimize, it is more important to utilize certain practices to gain the most out of your living areas, with some space-saving tips for any small home.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

There are multiple ways of saving space in your living areas. One of those choices to explore should be multi-use or multi-functioning furniture. This includes sofas that pull out into beds or futon that transitions from your sleeping space to a couch in smaller areas. Tables that double as work areas and desks, to dining tables for eating. Ottomans or benches that allow you to use the interiors for storage are great for keeping your home clutter-free and keep your living situation spacious.

Folding Furniture

Another great way to save space is to design your home with furniture that folds away for easy storage and restore space. These can include a multitude of options that are only limited by your creative choices. Some of the options for saving space include tables and chairs that fold out of walls or cabinets, tables that extend or become compact, depending on your needs. Pull out sofas, or beds hidden in closets also are great for keeping even the smallest homes and rooms feeling spacious.

Moving Spaces, Walls, Compartments

One of the issues with small living spaces is that rooms can tend to feel much tinier and claustrophobic. These rooms won’t have a lot of space for many people, and can even feel cramped for an individual. The design and home experts from Antares Properties emphasize the need to have creativity with a flexible budget. With these aspects, creating and having walls and partitions that move and shift, similar to the sliding bookcases of a library, will allow you to maximize the space you have. Although not as easily accessible to design, these sliding panels, shifting spaces, and moving compartment ideas are making their way into home living designs and are extremely useful for small living.

Maximize Space with Upward Design

One of the best ways to save space is to utilize as much of what is available to you. This means maximizing the space in a vertical fashion as well. From the walls to the headspace, there are ways to save as much space so that your home feels as large as possible. When using storage compartments or furnishings, try to attain dressers, cabinets, and closets that reach as far up the ceiling as possible. This will provide you with extra storage capacity without wasting any of the headspaces. This also translates to below your feet. There are many places in which you can maximize your home, below your beds, chairs, and tables all have space that is frequently unused. A few installed compartments and even storage boxes and bins will allow you to maximize your space while keeping organized and sorted.

Open Concept

One of the issues with small homes and spaces is the feeling of claustrophobia. One way to address this is by reducing the number of rooms and walls. With space already a commodity, walls will make you feel even more boxed into your small home. Open concepts provide feelings of space even in the tiniest of houses, apartments, and condos. Getting dividers can offset your need for separation and privacy, while still providing you the flexibility to remove them and open up your home again.

Stay Off The Floor

As mentioned previously, you want to design your small home as vertically as possible in order to take advantage of what little space you have. Keeping your belongings off the floor will provide you a better feeling of space and openness. These include having your lighting hanging from the ceiling instead of having lamps that take up floor space and installing floating shelves instead of permanent bookshelves if you don’t need as much storage. This will ensure that you save room in your home or living space for either other furnishings or to simply maneuver around.

6 Space-Saving Ideas You Can Use For A Small Home - lights

Your home should be a space that you are proud to live in. regardless of the actual size of your home, your space should provide you the protection and happiness you need when you come home to rest at the end of the day. There are ways to ensure that you maximize the space you have, and make it feel lived in and full without sacrificing comfort.

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