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Calling in contractors to make repairs to  HVAC systems can result in high costs for homeowners. In some cases, these expenses are unavoidable in bringing the system back to peak performance. Sometimes, however, troubleshooting the issue can save having to call in a professional for help.

South Bend Air Conditioning Repair Contractors

The system can often trigger due to a simplistic reason making it a source of frustration when a technician merely needs to adjust a thermostat to receive a couple of hundred dollars in payment. Some basic checks can be taken care of in a DIY capacity to avoid a potential hefty oversight. That doesn’t mean homeowners should poke around in the complex workings of an HVAC system to attempt to find the source of each problem when the system isn’t working. In most instances, reaching out to a trusted air conditioning contractor, as you’ll find at https;//, is ideal. Otherwise, you could create more damage by looking for a problem, ultimately ending up with higher charges than you would by allowing the professional to handle it from the beginning. If an issue isn’t apparent with a few quick, easy checks, call for help.

Tips On Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Problems

When your air conditioner in South Bend, IN, begins to show signs of a problem, there are a few fast and simple measures you can take in an effort to troubleshoot before contacting an air conditioning contractor to come to make the AC repairs. No one wants to pay hefty fees if the problem is a relatively easy fix. Still, you don’t want to go through the complicated workings of an intricate HVAC system to look for a defect if you have no experience with the system since you can ultimately create a more significant issue leading to much higher expense for yourself. Straightforward troubleshooting that a contractor would encourage includes things like these:

Look at the breaker panel

If your air conditioner is not operating, won’t turn on, and is inoperable, one of your first steps should be to check the breaker box. The breaker could have tripped. That can happen if many things like lights, appliances, or other elements combine on the same switch causing it to trip. You’ll need to switch it back on to see if the unit starts working as usual. If it keeps tripping, leave it off and contact the AC service provider right away. Otherwise, you will have saved yourself a great expense by merely flipping a switch instead of paying a contractor to do so for you.

South Bend Air Conditioning Repair Contractors - AC unit

Assess the functionality of the thermostat

The thermostat is another source of distress if it’s not operating as it should. A nonfunctional thermostat will cause the entire system not to work correctly. If your setup runs on batteries, you might need to change out old ones for new ones. Always make sure that the set temperature is lower than that of the room’s temp. Look at the settings to ensure these are all in the correct position. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to see where the indicator is pointing on the device. There are instances where people have it on heat instead of cool or have it turned off without realizing it or forget to adjust it, so the fan is merely blowing. If you face challenges seeing the indicator or the labels, use a magnifying glass or ask a family member to check the settings behind you before calling for assistance.

Regular filter changes

A lot of defects that occur with the HVAC system are preventable by frequently changing the filter. Clogged, dirty filters create many issues for an air conditioner, decreasing efficiency, airflow and causing the system to freeze up. These filters mean to be changed at least every three months. For those who use their system more extensively, the suggestion is to change them every 30 days. That’s also wise if you have pets in the home or other reasons for excess debris.

South Bend Air Conditioning Repair Contractors - thermostat

Ensure the unit is optimally clean.

The system might be functioning poorly merely because it’s dirty. Rather than needing repairs, you might merely need to clean the unit. On the outside, you can gently wipe the fan blades down. Plus, remove debris and dirt from the interior and around it. You can also take care of cleaning the condenser fins. Any fins and blades easily bend with a high probability of breaking. It’s vital to ensure the system is off before you start doing anything with the air conditioning unit.

Final Thought

A home’s HVAC system needs adequate care and upkeep to ensure the family’s safety and comfort. If something interferes with the air conditioner’s functionality, the automatic first response is to contact the AC contractor to make the necessary repairs. That can sometimes lead to frustration for both the South Bend homeowner and the technician if adequate troubleshooting didn’t occur before making the call. It can also create an unnecessary expense. Too often, the experts arrive only to find a breaker needs switching back on, or a thermostat needs turning to cool instead of its current spot on heat. Often occasions happen too where the filter is completely clogged from dirt and debris, preventing airflow and rendering the system unable to function efficiently.

While a homeowner needs to avoid the intricacies making up an HVAC’s inner workings, the simple components that allow operation need checking over to ensure there are no issues before making a service call. Open for guidance on keeping your setup running efficiently. That would include checking thermostat settings and replacing the batteries, making sure the filter is changed, ensuring the breaker is in the on position and maintaining the unit in optimum cleanliness. If you did all this and there is no change to the system’s performance, call your trusted HVAC contractor and let them know what’s specifically happening and the troubleshooting you’ve attempted. With that kind of preparation, the fix should be smooth and straightforward.

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