3 Solutions for Your Hard-to-Store Household Items

Our homes are chock full of things we need to store. Some more important than others whereas some are harder to store than others. For those items that are hard to store, you will have to come up with creative solutions for safe and efficient storage. It is especially so if the item is expensive and would be difficult to replace. You can either buy the solution to storing such items or build it. The latter is usually the better option as it also tends to be cheaper.

3 Solutions for Your Hard-to-Store Household Items

The following are three hard to store household items and solutions to storing them:

Expandable Garage Shelf

When working on any home project, it is important that you have the right tools for the job. You will certainly have a hard time finding the proper tools if you don’t store them correctly. A great solution to store your power tools and also other manual tools is the expandable garage shelf. It is a 250-pound capacity shelf that can expand from 40 to 75 inches. Moreover, the shelves are modular so you can join them together and expand even further. You can use the expandable garage shelf to store a wide variety of items from screwdrivers to power drills. It will ensure that your tools are easily within reach. It is easy to set up which means you will save plenty of time when working on home projects.

Shipping Container

Another solution that you can use to store items that would be hard to store elsewhere would be a shipping container. Self-storage units are becoming ever more popular as opposed to the traditional commercial storage unit. The type of storage container you acquire will largely depend on your location. For example, if you live in Australia, then shipping container storage will be different than in Canada. The climate of an area will have a significant effect on what you can store in the container as well. Shipping containers have several benefits when used as bulk storage solutions. They will keep the contents dry and they will remain clean and vermin free.

Ice Cube Tray

We all have tiny items in our homes that are incredibly difficult to store. Screws, nuts, pins and tacks are all examples of small things that are immensely challenging to store. A great solution for storing such miniscule things is to use a large ice cube tray. You can group items together in each section of the tray. It makes it very simple to store items that are easy to lose.

3 Solutions for Your Hard-to-Store Household Items - ice cube tray

Storing such small items in an ice cube tray makes it very easy to locate them. Moreover, you will spare yourself the anguish of poking yourself when rummaging through a drawer of sharp items.

In summary, there are many solutions for difficult to store items. The three above namely an expandable garage shelf, storage container and ice cube tray are only a few examples of ways in which you can store such things. These solutions are simple and practical. They will also make your contents easily accessible and keep your house clean & organized.

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