Solar Grants FAQ: How to Get Information on Solar Grants in Ireland

Over the years, there’s been a paradigm shift from what used to be conventional electricity supply to renewable or green energy. Solar panels when installed provide energy that can be used to run daily activities both in the home or office. Despite how popular solar energy has become in Ireland, many people do not know that they can get renewable or green energy grants. While this may sound a bit confusing especially for new homeowners, there are certified experts that handle solar grants in Ireland who can talk you through the entire process to make sure you understand the benefits.

How to Get Information on Solar Grants in Ireland

Solar panel grants make renewable energy accessible for most households. They do not only reduce carbon emissions in the environment, but they also reduce running costs in the home and they are definitely an investment to consider. Now that you know about renewable energy, we have outlined some tips that will help you get information on grants that will aid your ownership of these panels.

Tips on How to Get Information on Solar Grants in Ireland

The following are some tips to help you get information on renewable energy grants:

Check SEAI Website

Every information you need on green energy grants in Ireland is contained on the website of SEAI. You can go through the options available and the requirements needed for each. It is important that you understand the provisions for each of the available options before applying. The following information about the two available options will be helpful:

  1. Panels from which electricity is produced upon being exposed to sunlight are called solar PV (Photovoltaic) modules.
  2. Panels that have hot water as a by-product of their operation are hot water or thermal collectors.

However, the grants for solar electricity focus mainly on photovoltaic modules which are needed to power the TV, phone charger, kettle, radio, toaster and other home appliances.

Inquire from Contractors

Contractors also have information on renewable energy and its applicability in different homes. They have serviced different homes and they understand how renewable energy is of immense benefit to the users. You can contact them to give you information and some of the requirements you need to put in place in your home before installation of the panels. You can also check out this link to see a list of things to consider before getting solar.

Direct Enquiry from Users

One of the proven ways of getting firsthand information about green energy grants is by asking the beneficiaries questions bothering on requirements, usage, and effectiveness of the panels. This is more reliable as they are unlikely to hide any information from you since it is not a business that directly affects them. It is important that you ask at least two beneficiaries before taking a decision.

How to Get Information on Solar Grants in Ireland - solar panels

How to Become Eligible to Apply for Renewable Energy Grants in Ireland

To become eligible to apply for energy grants, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. You must apply and wait for approval for before you can continue. Once approved, you are given up to eight months within which the installation must have been completed.
  2. Every applicant only is eligible for a one-time grant per technology.
  3. The installation must have been completed before the payment for the grant can be made. In addition to this, payment to your contractor must have been made or a payment plan agreed on.

How to Get Information on Solar Grants in Ireland - free standing panels

Tips to Help You Qualify for Renewable Energy Grants

To qualify you must:

  1. Own a house built and also occupied on or before January of 2011.
  2. Materials and other products that are used must not have been covered by other grant schemes
  3. You must use a licensed company from the list of SEAI registered companies.
  4. Apply for connection to a distribution system using Form NC6 from ESB Networks.
  5. You must submit a work declaration duly signed by an SEAI approved list of solar PV installers.

These are some of the relevant information we feel you should know about renewable energy grants in Ireland. When you complete the installation and need information on how to maintain the panels, you can check here:


The acceptance of solar technology is fast becoming a norm. It’s even easier now that you can acquire one through a grant. We have outlined ways you can get information about renewable energy grant in Ireland, you can go ahead and apply for one and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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