Snow removal tools

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Flurries of snow slowly settling on top of twigs and branches are definitely a beauty to watch. But when too much snow has already been piling up along your driveway, inside your backyard, and on top of your cars and roofs, you know that you are up for a tougher challenge. After a heavy snowfall, using a snow shovel to remove the ice won’t probably be the best solution.
Snow removal tools

Alternatively, you may consider using some snow removal tools that can help you with heavy snow removal.

Snow Blowers

Using snow blowers is, perhaps, the easiest and most efficient way to remove thick accumulations of snow along your driveways. How Snow Blowers Work at Rex Garden may be different from the industrial standard snow blowers, but be sure to check this link out for further details. This powerful machine clears snow along its path and disperses it to the other side. With its energy-efficient design, you can easily get the job done with just the same pushing power as you would exert if you were using a lawnmower. Advanced models of this machine no longer require the use of petroleum products, helping you get rid of annoying loud noises and noxious emissions. Electric-powered snow blowers are quieter, easier to maintain, and can handle more than three inches of snow too depending on the model. Lithium-batteries can also last for two to three hours of non-stop usage. Depending on your purpose, you may need to purchase a single-stage or a two-stage snow blower. Finding the perfect snow blower for your needs can be a challenging task, but the experts from theToolboss can help you to find the best snow blower.

Some larger lawn tractors can be fitted with a snowblower attachment. This way you can clean wider than a walk-behind blower, as well as the added convenience of requiring less muscle. The disadvantage of lawn tractor snow blowers is that these blowers are typically brand and model specific. This means that you may have a more difficult time finding a match for your lawn tractor if you can get one at all. And be prepared to remove your mower deck each fall to mount the snowblower.

Snow removal tools - Husqvarna tractor snow blower

Snow Melting Cables

If you want to get rid of heavy snow blowers, dangerous chemicals, and snow shovels that never fail to give you a backache, then using snow-melting cables should be a perfect alternative. You won’t even need to remove thick snow covers anymore as the heated cables will instantly melt away the ice even before it accumulates. You may clip the cables onto your roof or integrate it with the rebar on a cemented surface. Although this technology may require a lot of power, they are equipped with smart sensors that will only turn on the heat once it detects moisture or a temperature drop.

If you worry about snow falling from your roof, you can install roof snow melting cables and your roof will always be dry.

Roof Rake

With a heavy snow cover on the ground, most people tend to forget that they need to clear their roofs off of snow too. Since it would not be logical to use a snowblower on your rooftop, using a roof rake should be your next better option. This simple, cheap, and lightweight tool can help you prevent roof damage as a result of ice dams. It can help you clear off the snow before it blocks your roof drainage and causes leakage inside your home.

If you have a huge driveway and you don’t want to clean it yourself, then be sure to check out our guide on How to pick a snow plowing service.

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