An Electrician’s Guide to Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Your smoke alarms are some of the most important pieces in your home, even though it’s likely that you rarely think about them. Most of the time, people only notice the alarms when they start to go off or have that annoying little chirp that doesn’t go away. However, you want to make sure you are taking good care of those smoke alarms.

An Electrician’s Guide to Smoke Alarm Maintenance

They could help to save the lives of you and your family.

Check the Smoke Alarms to See If They Work

Do you know if your smoke alarms are in good working order right now? You will want to use the test button to see whether they are working. If they aren’t, it could indicate the need for new batteries or a new alarm.

Replace the Batteries

If you have batteries in your smoke alarm systems, they will start to run out over time. Even if they’ve never been used, they will drain and need to be replaced. Read the instruction manual for your smoke alarm, and then remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. Make sure the batteries are facing the right direction, or else they will not work properly. You will want to press the test button to ensure they are working. Generally, you can change out the batteries twice a year. Having fresh batteries can help to give you some peace of mind.

An Electrician’s Guide to Smoke Alarm Maintenance - smoke alarm battery

Clean the Alarm

Sometimes, dust and debris can get into the smoke alarm. This could cause false alarms, chirping that doesn’t stop, or it might stop the alarm from working properly if there is a fire. You will want to clean it out using some canned air. This will help to remove the dust from the alarm. It doesn’t need to be done often—maybe once or twice a year in most homes. You can do this when you change out the batteries. With a little maintenance and care, you will find that your smoke alarms can stay in good shape for several years before they should be replaced. If you have older alarms that are causing problems or that aren’t working properly, you should make it a point to have new ones installed as soon as possible. Get in touch with the professionals who can handle it for you.

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