Perfect Sleeping Solutions for You and Your Pet

Whether you are moving into your first home away from your parent’s home, or you have just got a new pet, it is important to find suitable sleeping arrangements that work for both of you. If you do not, then you will find that your pet intrudes upon where you sleep, which can be a real nightmare. The perfect sleeping arrangement is, of course, subjective. You will need to ensure that, even if you do not arrange a sleeping solution for yourself, that you do for your pets. Pets need a routine.

Perfect Sleeping Solutions for You and Your Pet

In this article, we are going to present to you perfect sleeping solutions for both you and your pet. We will start by going through solutions for you, then we will move onto your pet. You can, of course, always just merge your pet’s bed and your bed as many people do! Here are some perfect sleeping solutions for you and your pet.

For You

A Bed

Well, the most obvious and first thing that I can say is a bed. What else are you going to sleep on, right? Beds do not have to be the conventional type of bed we all imagine when we think of a four-poster bed. No, you can get very innovative and awesome beds now. We live in a highly innovative and digital age. There are beds with computers and televisions built-in, beds made out of sustainable materials, and beds that defy belief. There are other options, too…

Tatami Mat

If you want something that is more sustainable, and in some cases, much better for your back, then why not consider a tatami mat? For some people, tatami mats prove to be the best investment that they ever made. They are made from woven rush straw, which means they are environmentally friendly, and they emit a beautiful smell. Tatami is traditional flooring in Japanese homes, and you usually put a futon over the top of a tatami mat. Keep your pet away from your tatami though, it can be hard to get smells out of it!

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is another option, especially if you have a smaller home or cannot accommodate a large bed. The sizes of our homes vary, and if we live in a studio flat, we will both want a sofa and a bed. A sofa bed is a great option and a fantastic way to make the most out of the space in your home. Sofa beds are comfortable, easy to collapse, and are very subtle. I slept on a sofa bed for several years when I first moved out and it did me no harm! Sofa beds are, without a doubt, great solutions to the problem posed when you move into a new, albeit smaller, place.

For Pets


You, as you surely know, can buy beds designated specifically for your pet. Whether it be cat beds or a dog bed, these beds are great; they are comfortable, warming, and welcoming, and allow your pet to have a place of their own. Dogs generally tend to love their beds and always retreat back there, while cats on the other hand, well, tend to just ignore them and sleep upside down on a radiator or something. You can never reason with a cat…

Perfect Sleeping Solutions for You and Your Pet - pet

Climbing Frames

This is a solution solely for cats. While cats will avoid a bed usually, but not always, they cannot, and will never, avoid a cat kingdom. Cat climbing frames, or kingdoms as I like to call them, are tall frames that allow cats the opportunity to sit at a vantage point wherein they can see the entire room, which is something cats enjoy doing very much. Cat kingdoms seldom cost a lot of money and can be found in virtually every single pet store in the entire world, regardless of size. Give your cat a cat kingdom if you want to make it purr!

Or… Your Bed

Some pet lovers love their pets so much that they want to share their beds with their pets too. If you are one such person, then forego investing in anything for your cat or dog, and just let them climb up on the bed with you. With that said, however, you should still encourage your pet to have their own bed, even if they do not use it. Dogs, for example, always need their own specific bed, even if they sleep on your bed. Cats, not so much.

We love our pets, so much so that sometimes we want them to sleep with us. You do need to ensure that you get enough sleep, wherever it is that you sleep. A lack of sleep, or none thereof, can impact your life negatively.

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