Sleep Like A Log with These Tweaks To Your Bedroom

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Surely everyone knows the importance of sleep. But with the hustle of daily life,  I’m sure we can all do with some advice on how to get quality sleep. Who is best known for their sleeping? Yes, babies! There are experts out there that study sleep and teach others how to sleep like infants at night. A lot of it has to do with the room that we sleep in and how we design it.

Sleep Like A Log with These Tweaks To Your Bedroom

Surprisingly,  adults can also use many appliances and methods that babies do for a night of better sleep.

Keep Out, Bright Lights

Regardless of age, a dark room is essential to creating a suitable sleep environment. The most important thing here is to keep out the maximum amount of sunlight, which can be a problem for sleeping infants and snoozing adults alike. The best option would be to invest in some blackout curtains or window finishes which can completely shut out the light from the room. You should also know that there are different types of shades. Some are installed by fixing them at the top of the window, but light can still come through and disturb your nap. The best ones are those that can be placed on the inner side of your window.

There are more economic alternatives, should you be unable to purchase said blackout shades.  This may sound strange, but it is suggested that taping any dark-colored garbage bags all around your window frame can act as blackout shades to keep the lights out.

Background Noise Might Just Work

If you have a Google Home or an Alexa at home, you already have the device you need to create the background noises that may help promote your sleep. If you do your research, you can find the white noise that suits you, and that allows your sleep to get better and last longer. Understandably, you might not want to have monitors, Hi-Tech machines, and any other devices in the area that you sleep in. In that case, you might want to think about investing in a specialized noise device that functions just as well. As long as you play soothing sounds that are not too erratic, it should do.

Permeable Linen Bedding is Superior

The choice of material that your bed sheet is made of triumphs that of design or color. The fabric should be gentle on your skin and lets you stay comfortable as you snooze through the night. As far as infants go, the most common choice for their bedding is cotton because of the benefits of the material being porous, simple to clean, gentle, and accessible with countless designs. When it comes to adults, the same applies. If you already own the recently favored silk or linen fabric as your bedding, changing them for the traditional tight-woven percale sheets will highlight the marked contrast between the two materials.

Sleep Like A Log with These Tweaks To Your Bedroom - sleeping

Capitalize On The Color Of Your Wall

The link between the color of the four walls in your room and the quality of your sleep may seem like a far one. However, professionals do recommend soothing colors like blues with cool tones, greens, warm browns, and dull grays for the best sleeping conditions. Just like babies, an adults’ bedroom should aim to be a relaxing, peaceful environment with calming effects that facilitate sleep. Do yourself a favor and keep clear of bright illuminative colors that are stimulating like hot pink or neon orange. At the end of the day, your room is your haven. You are free to create the environment that you desire. But keep in mind that avoiding things that are stimulating and can easily disrupt your sleep is in your best interest.

Kiss That Blue Light Goodbye

If you think that light is bad for your sleep, wait till you hear about what blue light can do. Blue light is emitted from your phone and television monitor and has been a hot topic recently. Blue light, and even some white light after dark, is known for disturbing sleep. They do this by fooling our minds to release chemicals that keep us from sleeping instead of those that promote sleep.

This might be the first time you heard of this but the prime solution is not to switch off all sources of light when it gets dark, but rather to put on shades specially made for keeping blue light out. Keeping them on as the sun rises helps you sleep and continue sleeping for a longer period of time. But if you need some light when you sleep, opt for a night light. One that gives out a dim radiance should be fine.

Give Weighted Blankets A Chance

An idea that we did not steal from babies but has proven to be beneficial to adults’ sleep is a weighted blanket. While further research efforts to completely understand the advantages of weighted blankets in sleep are ongoing, you might as well change out your current cover for this cool gadget. And who knows? Your new blanket might become the love of your life because of its ability to give you the warmest cuddles. Welcome to the club! If you’re going for a blanket that is breathable and looks appealing on your bed, there are options out there that are handcrafted as well.

Adjust The Temperature

Experts have said that our bodies generally become slightly colder every night when we sleep. Given that we all have different preferences and bodies, it is advised that you tweak your room temperature to make the environment the best one for you. As a general guideline, you might want to adjust your room temperature within the range of 60 to 72-degree celsius for optimal effects. That said, lowering the temperature in your room is more beneficial, but you do you.


These are merely suggestions in case you are looking for ways to improve your sleep but never thought to look into tweaking your surroundings. At the end of the day, everyone is unique and has different needs. Just do what works best for you while keeping these tips in mind as they might come in handy. Plus, should you need some new bedroom furniture to make your room cozier and suitable for sleeping, look no further than for the best choices!

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