Signs you need to call a plumber

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Your sink drains slow

If you think the water on the floor when you’re taking a shower is getting a little deeper than unusual you may have a drainage issue. The most obvious cause of this is that something is clogging up your drain, this could be little children’s toys to even small rodents sitting in your pipes. These plumbing issues can usually not be solved by sticking your hand down the drain and instead a professional plumber will use a tool called an auger to unblock anything that may be clogging your drains. This long instrument is also referred to as a drain snake which is much more effective at removing any material out of your drain than if you try to diy this yourself, potentially causing more damage to your drain and pipes.

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You have poor water pressure

Ever find yourself spending hours in the shower just trying to get all the shampoo off, well low water pressure is to blame for this. You may also realize your water bills are increasing as your showers are taking longer as you just cannot get clean. If this is the case, you most definitely have a clog in your faucet which is preventing a lot of water from getting out of the shower head. You may think just poking the holes of the shower head will help the blockage come loose but this can actually cause more damage to the inside of the faucet and even create a leak if you poke something you’re not supposed to and instead call for a plumber near Pasadena, CA.

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You have no water

There is nothing more irritating than your water not working when you go to turn on the taps in your home and it is probably not the case you forgot to pay your water bills but your plumbing system has shut down. One of the many causes that no water is being delivered to your home is that there is a blockage somewhere else such as a fallen tree or any debris that may have been caught by the rain. This is quite a difficult problem to fix as your plumbing is usually in the walls of your home which a plumber needs to access and will be able to find the source of the problem much easier than you can.

You have no hot water

Hot water is a massive convenience to our home, allowing us to bathe, cook, clean and becomes a great issue when we don’t have this. A failed water meter is usually the reason for no hot water or your system may be down and you will need professional assistance. These components are difficult to fix on your own and quite dangerous to handle if you have no professional knowledge so it is much safer to call for a plumber to come check it out or do a little maintenance. These systems contain gas and electrics that could cause serious damage to you.

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