Five Unexpected Signs You Might Need to Call a Plumber

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Research conducted by property maintenance experts who provide plumbers across London found that two-thirds of UK residents feel unsettled at home due to issues such as loose plumbing or fittings that cause knocking sounds. Thankfully, “even the most unsettling problem normally has a relatively simple explanation” according to Aspects director of operations Nick Bizley.

Five Unexpected Signs You Might Need to Call a Plumber

However, there are other times when there’s no other option than to call in a professional.

Unusual Knocking Sounds

Although knocking or tapping sounds can occur in any room of your home, you’ll probably notice them most in your bedroom because this tends to be the quietest room in the house. Thankfully, the most common reason for these noises is due to high water pressure which causes pipes to clank together or knock against fittings. Try turning your taps on and off. Is the noise occurring when the water is running? It could be happening because the pressure is too high. Get in touch with a plumber specializing in hot water and heating who should be able to fix the problem quickly.

Cold Radiators

If you notice that a room in your house is unusually cold, it’s probably down to an issue with the radiator. Touch the top and bottom of the radiator. If the top feels cooler compared to below, this indicates the radiator needs ‘bleeding’. Thankfully, this is easy to do. First, head to your local DIY store and buy a radiator key for around £1. Then place a bowl below the valve to catch any water. Slowly turn the key until you hear the excess air escaping and tighten when a trickle of water appears. If you’re not sure what to do, you could look at a tutorial video online. Otherwise, call a plumber.

Bad Smells

The good news about most bad smells is that they are easy to identify. If you can smell fish, this could be a sign of faulty electrics. Or if it is a hint of ammonia you can detect, it could be a sign you ha a problem with vermin. One of the most common causes of bad smells in the home, however, is to do with defective drainage. If you notice a strong, unpleasant smell at home, this could indicate you have something like a blocked soil pipe or a blocked sink. While something like unblocking a u-bend is a reasonably straightforward task, we recommend the more complex ones to the professionals.

Five Unexpected Signs You Might Need to Call a Plumber - drain

Pools of Water

There’s only one cause for pools of water on the floor, which is a leak. But try not to panic! You’ll need to act quickly to minimize any damage to your property. First, locate the stop cock which is usually underneath the kitchen sink or in an airing cupboard. Make sure to switch this off, to prevent any more water escaping. Next, you should call your local emergency plumber who will call round ASAP, assess the damage and repair it as necessary. When you’re dealing with a leak, time is of the essence to ensure your home isn’t extensively damaged.

No Hot Water

There are very few things in life more inconvenient than discovering you have no hot water. Especially if you’re just about to jump in the shower before work, or tackle that mountain of dishes you’ve been putting off. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can check which may solve the problem. If your boiler is suffering from low pressure, this can be a reason for no hot water. Locate the taps underneath your combi boiler and slowly adjust until the pressure turns back to normal. Another reason could be that an RCD has tripped on your consumer unit so check this too. But if all else fails, the problem is probably more severe and needs thoroughly investigating by your local plumber.

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