6 Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Cut Down Your Tree

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Trees improve the appearance of our homes and they also provide shade when it is hot. However, there is a certain period when a tree can become dangerous to both people and property. When a tree reaches that stage, you may have to consider taking it down. It can be hard to determine if it is time to remove a tree, but specific physical indicators can help show that it’s time.

6 Signs That Indicate It's Time to Cut Down Your Tree

Here are 6 signs that indicate it is time to cut down your tree.

1. Damage By Weather Elements

Harsh winters, storms, strong winds, or lighting can cause severe damage to your beloved trees at home. The tree can recover from the impact of the weather elements, but at times the damage can be beyond repair. Aspects like missing limbs, exposed roots, cracked trunk, and broken branches indicate that the tree is due for removal since it can damage your roof or fall on cars. A damaged tree can also fall on people or animals which can be a big danger.

2. Dead Branches

Unless you are an expert, it might be difficult to determine if the tree on your property is dead. It might still have some life, but only struggling to fight some type of disease. All the same, you need to enlist the services of professionals to inspect and cut down a tree that is no longer necessary at your property. Professional tree cutters at A&J Tree Service explain that removing a tree without special equipment can be a cumbersome undertaking that can lead to injuries. The other benefit of hiring a professional tree cutter is that they use the best equipment, and they also provide quality care for your trees. A certified tree cutter is the best person for the job since they have the knowledge to handle dangerous tasks.

3. Overgrown Branches

According to Pittsburgh arborists for tree cutting, overgrown and hanging branches also indicate that you should remove the tree from your property. The branches can break and fall on your roof any time, which can be costly to repair. No matter how much you love your trees, they can pose a danger to your property, so you need to prevent such eventualities that can lead to loss of money.

6 Signs That Indicate It's Time to Cut Down Your Tree - cutting the tree

4. Leaves

The other sign that can show that it is time to cut down your tree relates to poor leaves. Trees with fewer or different leaves from other similar trees nearby indicate that they are unhealthy. If the tree does not shed dead leaves, then there is reason to be worried about its health. You can consider cutting it when it becomes unsightly at your place.

5. Fungus

If you notice fungus in the form of mushrooms growing on your tree, this can be an indication that your tree is dying slowly. A healthy tree can be covered by moss, and this is not a problem. However, the rapid growth of fungus on the trunk is a problem that can spell the end of life of your beloved tree.

6. Rotting Trunk And Roots

Peeling bark or chipped trunk can also indicate that the trunk of the tree is rotting, and it can pose a danger to your property. You need to be wary of root rot since it can cause big issues to your property. You can tell that the roots of the tree are rotting if you observe dips and holes appearing on your lawn. You can also notice more mushrooms growing over the dead roots as they decompose to produce nutrients for other organisms to grow.

It might be challenging to see the rotting roots, but you must know that they can pose a major hazard to your house. The other thing that you should take note of relates to the development of surface or underground roots toward your building. These will cause cracks in the house or perimeter wall. Additionally, root growth can also break the water and drainage pipes, and you can observe this by leaks. You can notice continuous moisture on the surface around the place where the drainage system is damaged.

Trees play crucial roles in our homes since they provide shade during summer, and they also improve the value and appearance of properties. However, in residential areas, they can also pose hazards to both people and property, and this is when you must consider removing them. All the same, you need to hire an expert to inspect the tree and make a recommendation for its removal. Professional tree cutters should also remove trees at your house since they have the right equipment to use.

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  1. Clare Martin October 15, 2023 at 10:56 am

    I appreciate you informing us that trees with fewer leaves indicate that they are unhealthy, and we are advised to have them removed because aside from the risks they bring, they are also quite unsightly to look at. The tree planted in the backyard of my home in Bundaberg hasn’t been producing leaves since last spring, so I’m thinking of having it removed soon before it becomes a safety hazard for everyone at home. I’ll take note of this while I look for a tree removal company in Bundaberg to hire for help soon.