Signs that your roof is in need of repair

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Signs that your roof is in need of repair

Your roof provides cover and shelter for your property. All weather conditions can affect what we store inside our homes. That is the reason you require an excellent roofing system to ensure that everything under it is safe. Besides that, there is one thing most homeowners fail to do, repairing it. You may think that the outer section’s look is good, but when you have a more in-depth analysis, you will discover that deserted roofs have signs that show that it is time to repair that roofing. Therefore, what are some of the signs that act as a red flag? Here are four of them you should be keen to examine.

Your roof is now old

According to professionals, one should check the condition of their roof at least twice a year. However, not many people are in for this idea. Do not think that it is okay to live under an old roof. That is not right. Make it a priority to change the roof, shingle tiles, and gutters if the roof is beyond three years. If you installed an asphalt shingle as your roof’s material, then you should not let it go past 30 years, since that could lower your property’s value, especially if you consider selling it.

You notice interior damage

You should not only check the exterior part of the roof for signs. Some of us are afraid of heights; therefore, the interior sections should be easy to examine. Some of the sure signs you will notice when you check the ceiling include light penetrating into it or water finds its way in while raining, which forces you to use buckets to fetch it. When you see these two signs, you do not need a sign from above to get a repairer. A damaged roof will cause the wood planks holding it to rot including the ceiling. Besides that, sagging, mold build up, and large pools of water could also act as signs.

Signs that your roof is in need of repair - interior water damage

Damaged shingles

We can say that weather affects the condition of your roof. Thus, professionals recommend that you install the best material to ensure that it lasts longer. Asphalt tiles, for instance, can only stay for a maximum of 30 years. It is durable, but if you notice that the tiles are turning darker, or they are becoming disorderly because of missing shingles or curled pieces, then it is time to call a professional. Note that the granules on the material play a vital role in ensuring that they hold on to each other. If you notice a lot of granule compilation on the gutter, then it is time for a proper repair.

Hiked electricity bills

The best thing about your roof is that it regulates the amount of heat coming into your home- whether cold or warm. You may also notice a spike in electricity bills. That is because of late the heat inside your home has been uncontrollable. The HVAC system could be using more energy to regulate it; hence, the number one place to check is the condition of your roof. In addition to that, the roof or the moisture inside the ceiling could be making it difficult for the thermostat to bring in balanced heat.


If you notice the above changes, then it is time to call in a professional roofer like RK Roofing Northern Beaches. Do not do it alone as you may cause significant damages to the ones that are already there.

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