4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Pipes

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Have you taken some time to think about your plumbing system? Without a proper plumbing system, your house will have difficulty getting clean and safe water. Moreover, the wastewater may have trouble being drained away because of poor plumbing. And so, your plumbing pipes must be in top shape by having scheduled regular maintenance and repair from your trusted plumber. However, your pipes at your home will eventually cease to work as time goes by. After many decades, its tubing will ultimately have some rust, corrosion, and eventually decompose. And so, having a pipe replacement can be the right step to take in this scenario. That’s why we composed this guide for spotting the signs that you need to replace your pipes.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Pipes

Likewise, there are other signs that you need to consider to know if your pipe needs replacement. So, you must call your plumber Burbank if you need assistance. If you want to know them, this article will delve into some of them.

1. Water Discoloration

We expect that the water that flows out of our pipes is clear. But on some occasions, if the community is addressing the water lines, you can expect slightly discolored water to come out of your faucet. This type of water discoloration that happens unusually is nothing you should worry about. The problem, however, is when the water always shows red, brown, yellow, or orange color. It is a sign that your need to replace your pipes. It indicates that it may have a lot of rust, with its bits breaking off and getting into the water. If not addressed, it could lead to pipe holes. In addition, rusting within the pipes will likely result in mineral and sediment deposits buildup, which can cause blockage and clogs. Having blockage and clogs in them can be dangerous as they can cause the pipes to burst. As such, it’s just ideal that you replace the pipes as soon as possible to prevent water discoloration. If you live in Burbank, California, and you want to replace your pipes at home, there are many services that you can find. You can also check Burbank plumbing for more details.

2. Pipe Leaks

A lot of homeowners have issues with leaking pipes. Common causes are cracks or loose connections between them. You can examine leaks by checking if there are dark discolorations near walls, floors, ceilings, and water fixtures. You can also check for signs of leaking by checking your water bill. If your water bill costs are higher than usual, it’s time to review your pipes. Likewise, note that your pipe may show small amounts of leakage initially. However, the leaks can develop and flood your home with continuous exposure to pressure as time goes by. Such instances call for pipe repairs. However, if the pipes are really in bad condition, replacing them can be the best option you should consider.

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3. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your house might signal a problem in your area. For instance, low water pressure might be a sign that there’s a water issue in your main street. On the other hand, you should know that decreased water pressure is an early warning sign of possible plumbing issues. Low water pressure can be caused by sediment buildup and corrosion in your pipes. Likewise, it might also signal that your old iron pipes are getting clogged by rust or that there are leaks or cracks. Concerning leaked pipes, it doesn’t only cause low water pressure. It can also cause damage to your home’s foundation and framing, causing the wood to rot and possibly cause mold growth.

4. Aging Pipes

Your home’s pipes have their lifespan limit, like all your appliances, roofing materials, and siding, among other home equipment.

Here is the life expectancy for some types of pipes:

  • Cast Iron:75-100 years
  • Galvanized Steel: 20-50 years
  • Copper: 50 plus years
  • Brass: 40-45 years

Know that the life expectancy herein may differ if there’s a high-water pressure that stresses the pipes or if the pipes’ hard water deposits are at a high level. If you want to know the type of pipes that reside at your home, you can ask your plumber once they visit your premises. After that, you can analyze the numbers to know the age of your pipes. Once you notice that they have already gone past their ideal life expectancy, then it’s time that you replace them.

Bottom Line  

A reliable plumbing system allows you to access clean and safe water and allows your wastewater to drain appropriately. Therefore, your plumber must adequately take care of your plumbing pipes by having regular maintenance to maintain their durability. On the other hand, the pipes in your home have their deadline. As time goes on, your pipes will gradually undergo rusting, corrosion, and decomposition and then you’ll need a plumber which can bevel pipes properly. And so, replacing them can be necessary at those moments. Overall, check your pipes for the signs listed above to know if they require replacement.

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