7 Repairs & Renovations To Conduct In Your Backyard Before Setting Up A Chicken Coop

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There’s no doubt that having a backyard poultry farming business is a fun and lucrative way to utilize extra backyard space. Running a poultry farm may require tremendous learning, logistics and management at first, but it soon becomes a well-oiled machine that earns you a neat profit every day from eggs and meat. One of the foremost considerations involved in setting up a backyard poultry farm is getting your backyard in shape to house chickens.

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From safety to accessibility and convenience, a lot goes into creating the ideal environment for a successful backyard poultry farming business. If you’re looking to begin this venture, here are seven repairs and renovations to conduct in your backyard.

Create A Line of Vision

Running a backyard poultry farm is a labour-intensive exercise. It involves constant human surveillance in case of any distress or emergency. For this reason, it is wise to create a direct line of vision from your home to the chicken coop. This ensures that even when you are indoors, you can keep an eye on your flock every few minutes and attend to any emergency promptly. As poultry farming is a labour-intensive business, it helps to have more people or visibility around the coop. So, ensure your coop is visible from different parts of your home so there is frequent 360-degree surveillance.

Fashion The Right Chicken Coop

Choosing the right coop is the foremost step to ensuring safe, healthy and thriving chickens. Ensure protection and safety by choosing a design with a premium mesh floor and mesh windows that allow passage of fresh clean air. A thick asphalt roof ensures weather protection and keeps chickens cool and comfortable across the year. A coop with easy slide-out trays allows for smooth everyday maintenance and cleaning. Get all of these features and more with the range of coop designs at my chicken coop. Head to their website for the perfect coop for your poultry farming business.

Invest In Backyard Storage

Up until now, you may not have felt the need to invest in backyard storage. But, with a chicken coop sitting in your backyard, you will now need all the storage you can get. Plenty of items are involved in running a chicken coop including cleaning agents, chicken feed, egg collection tubs, disinfectants, chicken medicines and more. Having all these items handy and accessible around the coop ensures you can promptly get your job done without any delays. Invest in a simple shelved storage unit in your backyard to store all your poultry farming necessities.

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Strengthen The Fence

First things first, consolidate your backyard fence. Any open panels, compromised structures or dented panels can be an open invitation to common predators such as wild cats, dogs, sheep and more. Even if the surrounding animals do not attack your flock, their droppings, saliva and other bodily secretions may carry bacteria that can be harmful to the chickens. Consolidating your backyard also means keeping your chickens from straying outside your backyard. Chickens are active and curious creatures that can often stray out of their area of being. It is best to consolidate your fence to keep up the safety of your flock.

Check The Garden

Chickens are curious creatures that enjoy walking and exploring their environment. For this reason, it is wise to tend to any nearby garden to spot poisonous plants, pollen flowers or any plants that can wreak havoc on the safety of chickens. Untended gardens can often have harmful and poisonous shrubs that grow on their own. Arrest these plants to ensure your flock has a safe environment to thrive in.

Revisit Your Lighting & Water Disposal System

Chickens need around 16 hours of light daily. While natural light is a primary source of lighting in an outdoor chicken coop, a poultry farm will need additional sources of lighting. Primarily, yellow, red and orange light is considered best for broiler breeds. Lighting should be planned in a way to light up the common areas in the coop while keeping the nesting areas dim and warm. Revisit your backyard lighting and tweak it to make it suitable for a poultry farm. Also, it is important to have an error-proof water disposal system to stream off dirty water at regular intervals and allow for the passage of clean water. Stagnant water can cause diseases and flu in the chicken flock which must be strictly avoided.

Close The Soil

Garden and backyard soil often opens up, making it an easy spot for rodents, garden snakes and other insects. This can prove to be detrimental to the health and safety of chickens. Before installing the chicken coop, ensure you check the soil in and around the designated area thoroughly. Look for any open burrows or uneven surfaces that must be closed promptly to keep earth-borne predators at bay from your chickens.

Wrap Up

We hope the above pointers help you ready yourself and your backyard for a lucrative poultry farming business!

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