Top Tips On Selecting The Right Lifting Equipment

It’s not only your typically manual industries such as transport, mining, steel and manufacturing that require lifting equipment. Many other sectors such as education and retail need a helping hand when it comes to lifting and moving. When your staff’s health, wellbeing and safety is concerned it’s essential that you select reliable and durable lifting equipment that delivers outstanding results.

Top Tips On Selecting The Right Lifting Equipment

Before you make a choice about what equipment you should purchase, continue reading to get all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

What Are Your Requirements?

With so many options on the market you’ll need to carefully assess what you need the equipment for and what your individual requirements are. Detailing your on site operations will help you identify what products you will need to help you safely and successfully complete the tasks. Different types of lifting equipment are designed with specific operations in mind so make sure you know exactly what you need before making your order.

What Do Your Staff Think?

The people who will know your requirements the best are the people who carry out the tasks day in and day out. Taking on board their opinions and listening to their feedback will not only make them feel valued but will provide a useful insight and help you make the right decision. This valuable knowledge will also give you heads up when it comes to avoiding any issues that may arise and will give you peace of mind when it comes to making your purchase.

Have You Gathered Professional Knowledge?

When it comes to purchasing lifting equipment the more information you have the better you’ll be at choosing the right product for your business. There’s various regulatory and legal requirements that you’ll need to be aware of so gathering as much information before making your investment is invaluable. Lifting heavy loads can be really dangerous so health and safety obligations also need to be adhered to and the best way to ensure you’re on track is to ask other professionals who have been through the same process.

What Does The Product Range Offer?

With such a varied range of products on offer you’ll need to research what equipment is available to you and within your budget. You’ll need to consider which components meet your companies needs and consulting your whole team will help you establish this. Different manufacturers have equipment that does a range of jobs that may help you in other areas so gaining knowledge about the market is essential when selecting the appropriate durable lifting equipment.

Top Tips On Selecting The Right Lifting Equipment - indoor equipment

What Are The Regulatory Requirements?

As mentioned earlier it’s really important to know what legal regulations are in place before you install and use your lifting equipment. Regulations are affected by location, function and the jurisdiction that you are operating in and there could be hefty penalties if you do not comply. There may also be contractual obligations that you need to meet so make sure you gather all this information before using your shiny new equipment.

Is Your Equipment Reliable?

It’s essential that your equipment is durable and reliable. You’d be surprised how much profit can be lost if your equipment fails and work has to stop, even for a day. It’s also good to give your employees peace of mind as they operate. Make sure you obtain a certificate from the manufacturer at the point of sale so you can use the warranty if needed. You should also use regular testing services in order to keep on top of any niggling issues.


Purchasing lifting equipment is costly but necessary so make sure you consider all the points above before taking the plunge and investing in equipment and tools that keeps your staff safe and increases productivity.

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