6 Secret Tips That Will Make Your Painting Chores So Much Easier 

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Painting is a simple way of decorating your home interior or exterior. It is also a good option for redecorating a room. Definitely, a brand-new paint job does more than just look better. Quality exterior paint acts as an additional layer of protection and helps protect your home from weather exposure. They also say that interior and exterior painting tell a lot about the individuals living in that household.

6 Secret Tips That Will Make Your Painting Chores So Much Easier

In this article, we will be sharing tips on how to make your painting chores easier and stress-free!

Clean Dirty Surfaces

We must first start by cleaning up the dirt present in the walls to achieve a perfectly smooth and painted wall.  Cleaning the surface will result in a smooth and blank canvas. You can also use heavy-duty cleaners to improve the adhesion of the paint to the wall. And it is followed by applying the sandpaper to the wall. Sanding paper has an abrasive texture that is good for removing burrs and rough spots. One trick to avoid missing out on any spots is to apply sandpaper on the wall vertically and overlap each stroke upwards to the ceiling. It is also important to apply less pressure on each stroke to prevent damaging the wall. By doing this, the paint will not be chipped off easily. These supplies are usually available at paint stores and home centers.

Cover Your Furniture

Before painting, you must make sure that your furniture and other belongings are at the center of the room. Covering a plastic sheet will prevent paint from dripping all over them. However, it is much better to use a cotton drop cloth if available to you because it perfectly stays put. A cotton drop cloth is safer to use because once the paint spills on the plastic sheet, it will remain wet. Thus, making it slippery. Rosin paper is another type of cloth used for covering furniture or even floors. Rosin paper is used by those who have vinyl, tile, or hardwood floors. Since we can’t avoid getting spills and splatters on the drop cloth, we must wipe them off with cloth rags or paper towels.

Consider The Weather

Who knew that the weather would play such an important role in painting? One of the golden rules of painting is to never paint when it is raining because the weather is humid. Humid type of weather would mean that the paint will slowly dry. If you really must paint on a rainy day, it would be best to paint slowly and take your time before applying for a second coating.

6 Secret Tips That Will Make Your Painting Chores So Much Easier - painting

Use A Primer

Painting the wall with a primer like a pro is the best way to go. Tinted primers do an excellent job in terms of covering up patched areas or even old paint. Applying primer on the walls before painting prevents the paint from becoming flat and dull, which will result in a common painting problem, also known as flashing. Warm colors like Red or Orange usually require at least three top coatings. Luckily with a primer, you can apply less coating on these colors while still achieving a vibrant finish.

Invest In Quality Painting Materials

Whether you are a professional painter or not, it is still necessary to be equipped with the right tools or materials for this project. Having quality painting materials will help ensure that you finish faster while still achieving better results. Painting ceilings could sometimes cause neck pains, that is why you should consider adding an 18-inch paint roller for painting drywall. Moreover, do not cheap out on buying the right paint. According to the experts from https://diypaintingtips.com/paint-calculator/, you can find out how long your painting project should take you to complete, how much it should cost you, what supplies you will need by using a paint calculator. You can check out some DIY painting tips available online to know more about these.

Painting Techniques

One technique to achieve color consistency is to buy two cans of paint and combine them in a separate can, also known as “boxing” paint.  This technique will prevent having different varieties of colors once applied to the wall. There are different approaches to painting however the most effective and common one is the load-and-go approach. Professionals often use this approach by dipping the 1 ½  inches brush in paint and then lightly tapping the brush on the can to wipe off the excess. Once the brush is loaded with paint, you should push the paint gently against the cut-in area to avoid creating drips.

You don’t have to be a professional painter to achieve the perfect interior or exterior painting. Painting can also be a good source of income, especially for professionals. For others, it could be a recreational activity to channel their creativity. Hopefully, these tips and tricks are enough to equip you for your painting project.

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