Measures To Save On Your Air Conditioning Bill

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Your air conditioner consumes the most energy of all your appliances. This is why if you are frequently using your unit, it is important that you follow measures to cut costs and save on your energy bill. There are many ways that you can enhance the efficiency of your unit.

Measures To Save On Your Air Conditioning Bill

By making a few changes, you will be able to reduce the burden of paying a vast amount of money on your home air conditioning bill. Here are the steps you can do to make your unit more energy efficient.

Regular Maintenance

In reducing your energy bill, maintenance will play an important role. Aside from making your unit efficient, maintenance can also extend its lifespan and minimize the likelihood of costly repairs. It is essential that your unit receives maintenance twice a year. By calling an AC repair Dallas HVAC professional, you will be able to prevent your air conditioner from breaking down.

Your condenser and evaporator coils must be free of dust and debris. You should also check your ducts for any cracks or leaks. The cool air will escape if your unit has these issues. You need to schedule a full unit tune-up for your unit to be up and running, especially during summer. You can also catch any potential problems once your unit receives TLC.

Ensure home is properly insulated

Your home needs to be properly insulated to enhance the efficiency of your unit. You need to check if your windows are tightly sealed. If you see any cracks or leaks, be sure to caulk them to prevent cool air from escaping. You also need to check your attic and ceiling for air leaks. While insulating your roof can be costly, it provides you with long-term benefits because it ensures that your air conditioner will cool the entire area of your home.

Reduce exposure to sunlight

If your home has been exposed to sunlight all day, your air conditioner needs to work hard to keep your house cool. Minimize sun exposure by closing the curtains and blinds when it is hot. You can also install shutters or plant big trees so you can shade your property from the sun.

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You can also install film coated or tinted windows as they are designed to prevent UV ray penetration. With these measures, you will be able to keep your house cool and reduce the load on your air conditioner.

Create an airflow

Aside from turning your unit on, you should also consider creating cooler airflow by installing ceiling fans because they are an excellent way to keep a room cooler. With free standing or ceiling fans, you can be sure that the cool air from your air conditioner will be evenly distributed.

The airflow you create through your house will also prevent hot air from accumulating. You will also experience the fan’s wind chill effect even when your unit is set to a few degrees lower than its normal setting. There is no need to increase the settings of your thermostat to achieve desirable results because your fan will suffice.

Adjust the thermostat

Before going to bed or leaving the house, manually adjust your thermostat so you can reduce your energy bill by 15%. Although changing your thermostat settings from time to time can be a hassle, you will need to install a smart thermostat as it will automatically regulate your home’s temperature. With smart thermostats, you will have the ability to manage the settings remotely. It also has features that allow you to program the settings so you can increase the temperature an hour before you go to bed. You also have the option to decrease the settings before you wake up so you can have a good night’s sleep while also saving on the energy bill.

Summer should not be the reason for you to pay more on your home air conditioner bill. You can still save by following these simple steps. Regular maintenance should never be set aside because they offer great benefits, especially in terms of keeping your unit as efficient as possible. Call a dependable HVAC technician who will inspect your unit. Unnecessary expenses can be avoided if your unit receives regular maintenance. You can also be sure that you will be enjoying the cool air from your unit during the hottest season if you make it a point to maintain it regularly.

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