Pro Tips on Ways to Save Money When Moving House

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Even though it may not be apparent, moving can be expensive, not to speak, stressful. According to Forbes, the national cost of a local move of less than 100 miles is $1,400, while long-distance moves can cost between $2,200 and $5,700.

Pro Tips on Ways to Save Money When Moving House

While certain expenses of moving are unavoidable even if you are undertaking everything yourself, you can save significantly on the cost of moving by following some smart tips:

Get Rid of the Clutter

Taking the time to get rid of all the stuff you have accumulated but don’t want to take to your new home can save you significant time, effort, and money in packing and moving. You can save a few hundred dollars as the movers’ bill you by the hour for packing. You can also make a little bit of money by organizing a garage sale, taking stuff to consignment shops, or listing them on websites like eBay. You can also donate them to a charitable organization.

Schedule the Move Strategically 

If you are hiring a mover, schedule the move on a weekday, preferably, the first three days of the week, because the demand for services is low, and you can get better prices. Most people try to time their move on a weekend to avoid taking leave from work. According to Dearman Moving & Storage, a leading moving company, the prices for a weekday could be up to 30% less compared to the weekend. Typically, the last weekend of the month is also the busiest and hence more expensive. If you have the luxury of scheduling your move for the off-season in your area, you could potentially save a lot of money.

Pro Tips on Ways to Save Money When Moving House - moving

Pack It Yourself

Packers charge by the hour, and if you have a lot of stuff, you could potentially end up spending a packet. To reduce your cost, you can pack most of your stuff yourself and ask the movers to pack only the fragile, delicate, or oversize stuff that needs special attention. You can also save on the expense of buying virgin packing materials by using materials available at home. You can get good moving boxes for free by asking your neighborhood shops.

Time the Utility, Cable, and Internet Services

There is no point in paying for things twice over if you can get the timing of your move right. You can save a lot by not paying double for the rent, mortgage, cable, utilities, internet, etc., at both your current and new locations. Speak to all the service providers and time your move that the dates don’t overlap. If you are a long-time customer, ask your utility, cable, and internet companies about special discounts and waivers of activation or installation charges.


There is no end to the ways you can save money when moving. Try to strike a good deal with the moving company by negotiating hard. If you are moving long-distance, consider using a shared load moving company as it can save costs a lot. Rather than eating out when your house is in disarray, prepare your meals in advance and keep them in the freezer to heat and eat.

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