What To Do If Your Roofing Gets Damaged By Strong Winds?

If they don’t get blown, they will be damaged. Strong winds are no friend of roofs, and you should know how to look for damages and get the repairs done after a storm to maintain their quality and integrity for more years. In case you need a complete replacement, you should also know what factors to keep in mind to prevent further issues.

What To Do If Your Roofing Gets Damaged By Strong Winds

To that end, this post will help clear all your doubts about roof damages by strong winds besides providing suggestions on how to go ahead with the repairs. Scroll on! First of all, let’s give you an idea about how to identify roof damages that may look simple but get aggravated in the coming days.

Check the attic

Do you notice water stains on your walls or the ceiling? Go to the attic and see if there are any leaks or signs of damage to the roof, which may cause the same. If you notice flooding in your attic or too much accumulation of water flowing down the roof, you may need to consult an expert for a complete replacement.

Missing shingles

If there has been a tornado or hurricane in your area, you should check your roof for missing shingles, as the nails may get blown off by the strong winds, thus displacing the shingles. Try to get a better look at the roof from outside the house, preferably from the front or backyard. In case you don’t notice any missing shingles on your roof, see if they have curled or buckled under the impact of the winds.

Damages by hailstorms

Many a time, the strong winds are accompanied by hails that may cause dents or holes on the roof. You can appoint expert professionals from reliable companies, for example, the ones at Qeiroof.com to run a thorough inspection of the roof and check for damages. If you don’t inspect the roof after a hailstorm, or similar disasters, chances are, the damages may take a pretty bad shape during the next storm, and the repairs can be more expensive than.

Loose flashing

This is one of the most common damages caused to flashed roofs, in areas like the chimneys, vents, roof edges, and skylights. After the storm has passed, check these areas for signs of missing or loosened flashing and hire professionals to reattach them.

What To Do If Your Roofing Gets Damaged By Strong Winds - shingles

Fallen debris

During a massive storm, things may fall on the roof, which ranges from leaves, twigs, and shattered glass to large trees and poles. They cause huge damages to the roof, as well as the entire structure of your home, which may need immediate repairs and replacement. Even when the damages are small, you shouldn’t let them be, as the next storm can be deadly.

Now that you know how to check for damages to the roof, you should take the necessary steps to reconstruct the roof or replace the damaged materials with the help of professional roofing contractors. This apart, you may also need to raise a claim for the insurance that will cover the costs of repair. So, make the right choice about the company you wish to handle those repairs. How to do that? The following suggestions can help:

Get local 

It’s wise to always opt for local contractors for the ease of communication and ready reference. You can also ask them to show their license, insurance, and other certifications to build trust before they start working on your roof.

Insurance requirements

If the company can go the extra mile to help you with your insurance claims to cover the costs of the repairs, you can opt for their services right away. Only a few contractors will take that headache for you, so don’t let them go.

Proper experience

This is a field requiring years of experience to develop expertise and build a reputation in the market. Hence, make it a point to get in touch with a contractor having more than a decade of experience to provide the best solutions for your repair needs. You can use a site like ToiturePro.com to find roofers near you that have proven expertise and good online ratings.

Safety concerns

See if their solutions ensure safety in the long run. No experienced contractor will put their reputation at stake by neglecting the safety factor. So, this requirement invariably binds with the previous one, hinting at the importance of choosing a company with years of experience.

Some other things that you should remember while choosing a roofing contractor are:

  • Don’t rush– If there has been huge damage to the roof, you shouldn’t hasten the repair work and let the professionals handle things their way. There’s no ‘quick solution’ to some reconstruction works, and patience is the key to getting the best results.
  • Look for a temporary dwelling– Staying under the damaged roof while it’s being repaired is a risk that you shouldn’t take at any cost. Look for somewhere else to stay temporarily.

Wrapping it up

Some roof damages are minor, while some require more time to be reconstructed, but if you have the right professionals to help you with the repairs, you may rest assured that your roof will be as good as new once they are done with it. Ignoring the problem can, however, make it worse, so make the decision accordingly.

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