Roof Repairing Mastic Asphalt: What Is It and When It’s Used

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The roof is a  part of any building. It protects the inside from the outside’s heat and cold as well as debris. You want to ensure that the roof is in good shape. When it needs repairs, you must fix it right away. You also should not settle on low-quality repairs that would just make the problem worse.

Roof Repairing Mastic Asphalt

Use reliable materials that would be great for your roof, like mastic asphalt. 

What Is Mastic Asphalt? 

Mastic asphalt is one of the pioneers in construction materials and waterproofing systems. This is probably why the roof specialists at recommend asphalt as the best material to waterproof your roof. It is made from limestone aggregates and bitumen or asphaltic cement. There are two types of mastic asphalt for roofing. These are the Type R988 and the Modified Mastic Asphalt. The Type R988, also called Roofing Grade Asphalt, can have different amounts of Lake Asphalt, which means it will have a silkier texture. Lake Asphalt comes from the asphalt lake in Trinidad. The difference in composition results in different shades of color too. The modified mastic asphalt is made from polymer-modified bitumen. This type is easier to handle. Like the type R9888, various polymer compositions can be done to fit a project’s specific needs. Mastic asphalt is not limited to roofing. It is also used for roads, pathways, and other structures. 

What Makes It A Good Material? 

If you are wondering why it is praised so much over the years, it is because of its qualities. There are other reasons why it is a good product besides it being an excellent waterproofing material:

  • Durable. You can expect it to withstand weight, stress, and other obstacles. Mastic asphalt has a long life span. If the installation is done correctly, you can expect it to last for 50-60 years. 
  • Manageable. Any problems you might encounter with it are easy to handle. You can avoid and repair them quickly. You would not need to worry about having bumps, blisters, wrinkles, and standing water on your roof with regular maintenance. 
  • Easy Application. Installation is not a hassle at all. The composition of any mastic asphalt makes it easy to apply on the surface. You will just pour it and spread it with a specialist float or spatula. 

Roof Repairing Mastic Asphalt - flat roof

When Is It Used? 

Mastic Asphalt is used for flat roofs. The disadvantage of having this kind of roof is that it naturally has weak insulation. Although it might be good during warm climates, it is terrible during the winter season. Thankfully, there are different roofing systems when applying mastic asphalt. Roof systems that are effective in improving roof insulation of the building. Mastic asphalt is an effective material because when it dries, it becomes dense. 

Aside from this, since flat roofs are also famous for being transformed into gardens or green roofs, mastic asphalt roofing systems prevent any damages from having one. It will protect the structure from root penetration and leaksMastic asphalt has a long history in the construction industry, that it is not surprising that it is one of the best products. Over the years, it has been improved and upgraded. It is an excellent waterproofing material for your roof. You can count on it for your roof repairs. 

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