Buying Guide: What’s the Right Window Film for my House

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What's the Right Window Film for my House

Every windows purpose on either your home, your business building, and other establishments actually have one common use. And this is to let sunlight and views into your place. However, if your window is actually on the wrong location then there is a high chance that it can give you discomfort rather than the pleasure of enjoying the sun and the nice scenery around you.

That is why having the right window film for your house is pretty much important if you would want to have a better sight of the beautiful scenery outside your houses such as sunset, sunrise, and more. Now, if you would want to get the perfect window film for your house, then we have here some guides that might help you make a decision.

What is a Window Film

Window films are commonly used in many ways. It is also used to help you in controlling the negative effect of the sun to your house. These window films are actually an inexpensive way for you to have your own privacy and for you to be able to prevent your flooring and furnishing from fading. This is actually a good way for you to lower your monthly bills. There are also benefits that you can get in having a window film in your house such as:

  • Preventing to have faded floors caused by the ultraviolet radiations that come from sunlight.
  • You will be able to control the amount of light that enters your home rather than using curtains.

These are some of the benefits that you can get for having a window film at home. So if you are going to install window films then the best spot to have this is where direct sunlight hits your house.

Choosing the Right Window Film For My House

Here are some tips that you need to consider before buying a window film for your house.

    1. Make sure that you already know what your films will be for. If want you want is to block sunlight, then you only need to install it on windows that is directly hit by sunlight. Count all the windows in your house that is directly hit by sunlight.
    2. If you are the type of person who actually prefers privacy, then it is a good idea that you install films on all the windows that you have at home. This is a great thing to have rather than having blinds and clocking your view.
    3. Always keep in mind that these window films actually has its own different purpose and use. That is why before you buy a window film for your home, you have to make sure that you check its packaging for you to really know what you want.
    4. Getting a low-e film is a good idea if what you want is to prevent direct sunlight to your floor to, curtains, and other finishes. This is because a low- film can actually help you in reducing UV rays and heat from entering your house. Shades of a film will actually vary depending on what you really need. However, you have to keep in mind that the darker the film you are going to get then you will lose more illumination.
    5. Having a privacy film is actually a good fit if you want to have better security in your home. And the best thing about this opaque film is that it can be installed in any window. This type of file mostly looks like etched glass or a rice paper. This is ideal if you would want to filter the light that is coming in of your house and at the same time it can prevent people from the outside looking in your house.
    6. Another tip for you to consider before you purchase a film for your window is that you have to make sure that you have measured all your windows first. Most of the film windows actually come in a roll that is why it is a good idea that you would find sheets that will be able to cover up a whole window.

What's the right window film for my house - viewAnother good thing about film windows is that you can actually install it on your own. All you need to have is a sponge, a squeegee, and a razor blade and you are all set. However, if in case that you are not that comfortable in installing it on your own, then you can actually go ahead and hire a professional to do the job for you.

Types of Window Films To Choose From

  1. Privacy Film – this type of window film will allow you to have more privacy because people from the outside will not be able to look through your window.
  2. Glare reducing Film – this is actually another type that cuts down the amount of sunlight from entering your home.
  3. Insulating Window Films – this type is perfect in keeping your house warm during the winter season and keep your house cool during summer season. In the warm season, what it does is that it reflects the sunlight which causes to reduce the heat that enters your home. And in the winter season, it reflects the heat during the winter season that will also help you reduce your monthly energy bill.


Having window film installed in your home is a nice way for you to reduce the heat that enters your home and as well as for you to increase your privacy. If you are not comfortable in installing window films on your own then there are actually some commercial window tinters that you can consider hiring.

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