Picking the Right Solar Company

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The world of solar energy is diverse, expanding and has numerous stakeholders. As a result, various companies have built a reputation dealing in solar energy at different levels, from research and development to marketing and distribution. Unfortunately, the diversity and innumerable options available in the solar industry makes it difficult for clients to choose a reliable company.

Picking the Right Solar Company

Here are a few tricks to help you picking the right solar company.

Know the service you want

Solar companies offer different products and services that tear them apart. Solar panel equipment manufacturers design and make solar fittings used on a solar PV system. In addition, they are often involved in solar research and development to create newer, more efficient solar units. Solar panel installation companies are involved in the purchases and installation of solar panel systems. If you want a solar power system in your house, these companies will form the bulk of your interaction with solar experts.

Solar financing companies provide finance options for the installation of solar power systems. These companies often partner with solar installation companies and manufacturers. Solar panel dealers have permission to sell solar products from specific manufacturers, and they often offer in-house installation services. However, some dealers outsource installation services to cheaper, third party companies. Full-service solar providers do everything from manufacturing solar equipment to installation. Moreover, the company provides financing options to help you afford your system.

Compare quotations

Different companies offer different prices for their products and services. Unfortunately, getting the exact market price of a solar product may be difficult. One way to solve the problem is to compare prices between different companies. The best way to compare the prices is to break them down to cost per watt. This gives a more accurate picture of the product value. In addition, establishing a baseline cost from the price comparisons will help you choose the best company. Price comparisons should also include benefits like warranty, free installation services and site visits. Don’t be afraid to ask for a cost breakdown from companies before you make your purchase.

Choose experts

Solar technology is relatively new. As a result, there are few experts in the market. Therefore, as you select a company to handle your installation or repairs, look into the experts in the team. A good company should have at least one certified technician on board. Moreover, international accreditation of services and products applies to the solar industry. Therefore, look out for certification from regulatory bodies or professional accreditation organisations. Other global independent bodies also provide reviews of solar companies. Good reviews coupled with accreditation from regulatory bodies are signs of a good company.

Picking the Right Solar Company - installing solar panels

Licensing and insurance

Solar companies hold several operation licenses that ensure the quality of products and services meets industry standards. Basic licenses include electrician, home improvement, general contracting and home performance contracting. Companies also hold insurance like general liability insurance to improve their reliability. The covers would come in handy if a claim was made against the company or in the event of an accident.

Go for experience

Skills and expertise don’t beat experience. Therefore, when choosing a solar company, it’s essential to look into experience in service and product delivery. Some companies highlight the expertise of individual staff members, while others give the combined experience level of the team. Nonetheless, you are safer in the hands of an experienced team.

Track record, reviews and referrals

Reputation is everything. Good solar companies maintain a long, clean track record and boast good reviews. Although some company websites post client reviews, you are more likely to receive non-bias reviews from independent platforms. So if a name keeps coming up in all good reviews, then it’s worth looking into. You can also ask for referrals from experts in the field or clients with similar installations like the one you want. Picking the best solar company is the first step in securing good products and excellent services. Therefore, you must get it right.

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