7 Tips On Choosing The Right Removalist For Your Move

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Everyone knows what a huge hassle the moving day can be. This is true, especially if you’ve been living in your current house for a long time and have plenty of cargo to pack and bring to the new home. Aside from packing up your things, there’s still a long list of tasks you need to do for your move, such as declutter, clean the old and new house, transfer utilities, finalize the paperwork, and so on. If you don’t get to do these tasks, chances are your moving day will be a huge chaos.

7 Tips On Choosing The Right Removalist For Your Move

Hiring professional removalists is one way to help you reduce the hassle and save time and energy during the move. These people will assist you in packing your things, carrying bulky furniture pieces, and carefully loading them into the moving vehicle. They can also help unload your items and unpack your boxes to ensure you have a smooth move into your new home. However, before you even begin hiring one, you need to make sure you hire the best removalists suitable for your needs. Here are seven tips to help you choose the right removalist for your move.

1. Check If They Are Licensed And Certified

Just like how you select plumbers, electricians, or technicians, it’s also crucial that you choose a licensed and certified removalist company. When a company is certified and licensed, you can guarantee that their staff have the proper background, experience, and expertise to handle belongings, regardless of how heavy or fragile they may be. So, if you’re in Australia, make sure to look out for licensed and certified South Melbourne removalists to help you during the moving day. Overall, their proper qualifications will give you peace of mind knowing they’re the best and know what they’re doing.

2. Ask For Recommendation

Checking every removalist company if they’re licensed or certified may take you some time, especially if you’ve never hired one before. To help you find reputable removalist companies in your area, you can ask for recommendations from your friends, neighbors, or relatives who’ve tried moving houses before. These people have likely hired professional removalists during their previous moving experience. Their recommendations and real-life experiences will guide you in finding the most reliable removal company.

3. Know The Type Of Removal Service You Need

Another thing to consider before finalizing your chosen removal company is to know the type of service you need. Keep in mind that not all removal companies offer the same services. Some are better for residential relocation, while others are for commercial moves. The type of service you need will also affect the tools or vehicles the company will need to move your items.

4. Take Your Time To Read Their Reviews

Besides your friend’s recommendation, you can check a company’s reliability, service, and performance through their client reviews. Through reading reviews, you’ll have an idea about the quality of their services and the level of customer satisfaction they provided for their previous clients. While you can find some client reviews on their official website, make sure you also browse reviews from other resources as some companies tend to only show positive client reviews on their website.

7 Tips On Choosing The Right Removalist For Your Move - movers

5. See If Their Services Are Insured

Suppose you now have a few removal companies on your list. The next thing you’ll need to check is if they offer insured services. Remember that their task involves packing, handling, and loading heavy and fragile items into your new home. This means that their job is vulnerable to possible mishaps and damages during the moving process. To ensure you get claims in case any incidents or damages to your items transpire during your moving day, see to it that you choose a removal company that offers insured services. Most likely, removal companies that provide insured services will ensure they do a thorough job of handling your items to save themselves from paying insurances.

6. Ask And Compare Price Quotes

Ask for price quotes from the list of removal companies you’re planning to consider. Despite providing the same services, most of them will have some significant differences in terms of their rates. A few factors play a crucial role when you request a price quote. These may include:

  • Distance from the old house to the new one
  • Number of items to be moved
  • Heaviness and fragility of the items
  • Access to both properties
  • Possible stairways from both houses

It’s recommended that you have complete details of these factors to ensure you get accurate price estimates from the removal companies. Better yet, you can ask them to have a visit to your old and new house so they can closely access both properties, including the number of items. Make sure you’re honest with the removalists so they can prepare themselves in the best way and give you a more accurate quote. Once you have the quotes, you may differentiate them and see which suits your budget.

7. Inquire For Any Additional Services

It’s also a good idea if you inquire about their additional services besides moving and handling your items. Some removal companies might lend you some packing boxes or help with disassembling and assembling your furniture pieces. These additional services could greatly help you save time and energy during the moving day.

Hire The Best Removalist Company Now

When hiring a removalist company to help you during your moving day, make sure you consider these tips and the factors aforementioned. You can also share this list with your friends or relatives who are planning to relocate anytime soon and want to hire the best removalist company for their moving day.

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