3 Ways To Revamp Your Outdoor Pool

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There’s nothing quite like a cool, clean outdoor pool on a hot day. Or, alternatively, a pleasantly warm pool on a less-than-toasty day. Regardless of how you like your outdoor pool, there’s no denying that they’re great for play and exercise, and add value to a home. That’s why we composed this thorough guide on how to revamp your old outdoor pool.

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If summer is rolling around and you’ve just noticed that your pool looks a little tired, what can you do to brighten it up? Here are three things to try.

1.  Replace the tiles

If you have a bigger budget to play with, replacing the tiles on your pool’s edging is a surefire way to freshen it up. New tiles in fresher colors can quickly brighten up a pool, and if you add tiles around the outside of the pool – this edging material is called coping, and it’s almost like a way to frame your pool – you can change the look of the pool completely. If you know what you’re doing, replacing your pool’s tiles is something you can do yourself. Blue, green, and iridescent tiles are a great way to lean into the watery theme, as well as brighten up your pool. Yellow, cream, gray, or white tiles can work, but beware – they can look dirty and chipped very quickly, and can make your pool look like it needs cleaning. Another option is mosaic-style tiles, which are classic and are a great addition to any pool. If you don’t care about the look of the pattern of your pool, then replastering your pool my be the easiest way!

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2.  Add water features

If you want to add some pizzazz to your pool, a water feature is a great idea. If your pool is more of a decorative feature, water designs add a new focal point and may even help to filter out the water. Water features might involve a classic statue spouting water, a specially designed waterfall, or perhaps water jets. Underwater lighting is also a fantastic idea, and perfect for the dark. Alternatively, more practical water features could include slides, diving boards, and other options – assuming your pool is the right size and shape!

3.  Add glass fencing

A quick and elegant way to revamp your outdoor pool and add drama to your pool is by adding glass fencing. This is a good idea if you want to create a barrier between your pool and your patio – and hopefully, avoid getting splashed while you eat your breakfast – but without cutting off the view to your pool. You may want to consider getting in a professional to help set up Glass Pool Fencing, as improperly secured glass can fall and smash, damaging your pool or even causing a health and safety risk. A professional can help analyze your pool and advise you on what fencing is best, as well as offer advice on decking and so on. A pool in your back yard is a fantastic thing. They’re fun, good for keeping you fit, and they just plain look good. So why not consider revamping your pool in time for summer? You’ll be glad that you did!

The final touch to revamping your old outdoor pool should be the lights. With today options you can make wonders with LED pool lighting and completely transform your old swimming pool.

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