Tips for Reusing or Recycling Construction Waste

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In industrialized countries like the United States and Canada, construction waste accounts for approximately one-third of all nationwide waste.. That’s a lot of waste that could potentially be recycled or reused. If you have a construction project in the works and it involves a significant amount of demolition, the experts at would like to give you some tips for reusing or recycling much of your construction waste.

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You’ll be cutting down on landfill use, helping the planet, and possibly even saving money, all at the same time.

Tip 1: Materials That Can Be Reused or Recycled

Many construction materials can be recycled or reused. Masonry, lumber, and other wood products can be upcycled into the new structure or another structure or reused for other purposes. Masonry, for example, can be ground into road base and wood can be converted to biomass fuel or mulch. Cardboard and paper are more obvious because it’s been recycled for years into pulp for other paper products.

Windows, doors, and roofing materials can usually be reused in other structures, if not the one you’re going to rebuild. The same is true for appliances and fixtures. If they’re still usable, someone can use them. Donate them to low-income homeowners or renters or to resale stores that can sell them to fund their nonprofits. If appliances aren’t usable, they can be stripped of their metals, smelted, and made into new products. This is also true for all other metals on a construction site.

Tip 2: Use It

Waste is only waste if you don’t use it and a lot of the “waste” on construction sites is reusable if you’re creative about it. When demolishing a structure, don’t just wreck everything in your way. Be thoughtful about it and save what can be saved. There is probably some very good wood still in the interior of the house, if not the exterior. That wood can be used for spacers for fire blocking in the new structure. You might even save some money by reusing boards instead of buying all new ones.

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Although it’s nice to get new fixtures and appliances when you’re rebuilding a home, it’s not always necessary. Many of the appliances and fixtures removed before a demolition are actually usable. There is no reason to haul them off to the landfill. If you can’t use them, it’s likely that someone else can. Check various community apps and websites to find people to donate or sell them to or, as mentioned above, give them to resale stores.

Tip 3: Recycle It

Find a local recycling plant, contact them, and find out what materials they accept. This is the best way to get the materials to a place that will recycle them responsibly. Don’t just take everything to a recycling center and expect them to accept it. You may have to separate it, but once you do, the plant will take it from there.


Whether you’re demolishing a structure or constructing a new one, you’ll have what is often considered a lot of waste. But, if you think about it as reusable or recyclable materials instead, you’ll discover that much of it is not waste at all.

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