Resin Driveway Colour Options

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Resin bound gravel is known to have a lot of benefits ranging from durability to strength, and that’s why it’s the number one sought after material for driveway and pavement surfacing. The fact that it is available in a wide range of colours only adds to its benefits.

Resin Driveway Colour Options

If you have been wondering which colour to choose for your driveway, then here are some resin driveway colours to try.


This consists mainly of gold and grey gravel, but other colours can be added to give it a more elegant look. It assumes a jewelry outcome and is primarily used along the coastal regions. It can also be used around gardens to add elegance.

Oyster pearl

Made mostly of silver and cream colours. It portrays a luxurious aesthetic finish that transforms any property and can also blend easily with other landscaping projects. It can be mixed with white marbles to get a more modern finish.

Marble cream

This is made of cream colour, but the shades may differ with some of the marbles looking like sand. It gives a very smooth finish that makes it perfect for other surfaces other than driveways and can be surrounded by other colours to make it more attractive.


If you’re looking to make your driveway warmer and inviting, then this is the best resin colour for you. There are different shades of amber with a few silver coloured stones to give it a more interesting contrast an appeal.


This colour is almost similar to the purity resin colour, but it has more golden shades than amber. It also a warmer effect and is the common choice among most driveways. Chocolate coloured resins can be added to it to give it a more delightful finishing.


For those who want a silver driveway, then this is the best option for you. Instead of having a bold silver colour, this resin has more ash like finish that makes your driveway more contemporary. If you have a modern house, then this is one of the colours you may want to consider to blend with the rest of the house.

Resin Driveway Colour Options - driveway

Spring haze

For this resin, red, brown, gold, and polenta white are mixed. It gives a more traditional finish that still looks classy.

Summer beach

The mixture of gold and beige come together nicely to give this resin its beautiful and inviting colour. It has been known to go well with most landscaping projects and is also perfect if you want to make your driveway brighter.


If you don’t want a jet-black driveway, then having one with some silver marbles is perfect. This type of colour will make the driveway the center of attraction and is therefore excellent if you don’t have a beautiful landscape.


Made with red and golden aggregates, this colour is warm with excellent contrast and an appealing texture. These colours are strong, and that makes them perfect for any outdoor use.


It’s very easy to transform driveways by Creative Paving, and these resin colour make the process easier. The contractor will help you choose one, including any of the ones below.

  • MeritAspen
  • Evening rose
  • Inverno
  • Porto Fino
  • Rosso Luna

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